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Quiz 3 - Chapter 3
Question 1
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Scenario 3-1
Workers in nursing homes regularly experience a number of physical and psychological health and safety issues. Incidents can involve twisting and/or lifting injuries, contact with viruses and bacteria, as well as stress-related illnesses from dealing with very sick and dying patients. At Restwell Manor there are 80 employees who work an average of 6 hours per day for 250 days a year. In the past year, the employer reported a total of 8 injuries for a total lost time of 50 days.
Refer to Scenario 3-1: What type of loss is incurred by a Restwell Manor worker who has to switch to light-duty nursing due to a back injury that prevents him/her from bending over a patient’s bed?
occupational capacity
range of motion loss
functional capacity
occupational injury
Question 2
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In general, after how many years of lower than annual injury costs might a Canadian employer receive a rebate on their annual assessment?
after two years
after three years
after four years
after five years
Question 3
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The Workers’ Compensation Board is responsible for making which of the following decisions?
whether the worker was negligent
how long the rehabilitation period will be
the class and rate group to which an employer belongs
what type of new occupation an injured worker should pursue
Question 4
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Scenario 3-1
Workers in nursing homes regularly experience a number of physical and psychological health and safety issues. Incidents can involve twisting and/or lifting injuries, contact with viruses and bacteria, as well as stress-related illnesses from dealing with very sick and dying patients. At Restwell Manor there are 80 employees who work an average of 6 hours per day for 250 days a year. In the past year, the employer reported a total of 8 injuries for a total lost time of 50 days.
Refer to Scenario 3-1: Using a factor of 200,000, what was Restwell Manor’s severity rate last year?
Question 5
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Which of the following is NOT an example of an experience rating program in Ontario?
New Experimental Experience Rating Program (NEER)
Workplace Safety Insurance Appeals Tribunal (ESIAT)
Merit Adjusted Premium (MAP) Plan for Small Business
Question 6
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What are the three types of WCB rehabilitation?
vocational, physical, and retraining
physical, retraining, and social
vocational, physical, and social
retraining, vocational, and social
Question 7
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Via Rail is Canada’s passenger railway, whereas CN Rail is a freight/cargo railway. What WCB liability do these organizations face?
They both have individual liability for injuries/illnesses.
They both have collective liability—the same as all other organizations.
Via Rail has collective liability, whereas CN ...

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