The Veldt By; Ray Bradburry Questions And Answers English Research Questions

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Ricky Patel
Ms. Ghosh
19 September 2018
Questions: “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury
1. What aspects of contemporary family life do the “Happy Life Home” and the nursery satirize? What exactly have the Hadley’s “purchased” for their $30,000 (plus $15,000 extra for the nursery)? What do the amenities of the “Happy Life Home” offer them?
· The aspects of contemporary family life that the “Happy Life Home” and the nursery satirize is that In Bradbury's "The Veldt," the Happy Home and the nursery satirize modern society's tendency of using technology at people’s advantage to equate happiness for the comfort and personal desires as well as the value that people place on material objects and technology. The Happy Home is a technological marvel that does everything for you, to the extent that Mrs. Hadley, a housewife, feels useless. It can clean, cook, do the laundry, use for entertainment, raise children, and do much more. What the Hadley’s purchased was a house and a nursery that can do anything. Their every need and want in the house are catered to. The house can feed you, wash you, do duties, clean, and do anything you can imagine. Even take care of your personal hygiene. That is what the Hadley’s purchased.
2. In what ways has the house infantilized the Hadley’s? How does Bradbury depict this as dangerous?
· The house has infantilized the Hadley’s by doing anything for them and doing it better than they could ever do. Their needs and wants are catered to them in everyway. Their satisfaction is catered to them in anyway. As the house does everything for the Hadley’s, it went to the point that Mrs. Hadley, a housewife, feels useless. Bradbury depicts this as a dangerous thing as it took away the parent’s control of authority over their kids as well as it started to break relations within their own family. The kids we’re not respecting their parents nor look to them as true authorities. Bradbury shows us how uncontrollable people can get, especially young ones, to the house causing dangerous situations to arise.
3. In addition to not having anything to do, why else does Lydia say that she feels like she doesn’t belong in the house?
· The reason to why Lydia says that she feels like she doesn’t belong in the house anymore is because she meant that her motherhood towards the children was even take away the nursery as it takes care of the kids and entertains them. She means that she lost her kids cause of the nursery and she...

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