Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 In E Minor, Op. 64 - Music History II - Essay

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Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 in E Minor, Op. 64
Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 in E Minor, Op. 64 has 4 movements,
The first movement is Andante, which starts out slow moving and eerie, but flows oh so
every so nicely like an angelic angel slowly rising from the ashes of war. The sweet and
subtle moments that arise between the dramatic outbursts throughout the first movement
is memorizing. He returns the theme repetitively each time adding something different to
each instrument that catches you in the clutches of Tchaikovsky’s composing. Thus
pertaining to his variations of the primary theme though out the symphony.
The introduction has such a strong yet quiet theme presented which extends from
mm 1-37. It is the basic 4/4-meter but he makes it sound so majestic. Then in mm 38-225
is the exposition in a different meter 6/8. Tchaikovsky loves to write a primary theme and
have multiple variations of it through out the entire symphony. The first movement is
what bests resembles that, Allegro con anima. From mm 38-115 we have the Primary
Theme. More specifically mm 42-56 (Ex. A) where the Flute, Clarinet and Fag. all have
the melody. Then in m 57 the strings then take over the melody. The Clarinet and Fog.
have a lot of ascending and descending 16th notes from mm 57-65. The transition begins
in m116 and extends to m153. The development consists for three sections. A sequence
that contains a defending bass line. The second is the shifting meter with the developing
the head motive. The third is where motive X returns in m 285.
In the second movement Andante cantabile con alcuna licenza, it continues with b
minor. Erie, clam and slow tempo as the string section starts the piece. As the Corni takes
the first solo in m 8, so beautiful and very animated. Then the clarinet has the scorned
Feher �2
solo in m 16. The springs accompany while it slowly goes into the third solo what the
oboe has in m 24. Then in m 31 the low end of the strings take over into a dark change of
key, then goes back to the original key while the springs take over the melody and the
flute has the solo. In rehearsal mark C introduces the second theme. The climax is at m
99(Ex. B) where the horns have the melody and you can hear the rolling of the timpani
growing. In m 108, there is a sudden cut off while the strings play and the oboe takes
another solo going back to tempo I and the first theme. This second movement is very
odd to me comparing it to other movements. It follows a off patten of themes and rhythm.
It repeats a lot of the melodys in mm 142-152 variations really of the beginning. The very
dramatic ending is at m 158 where the horns have to lo...

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