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Tesla - Final Project
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Nowadays, in the era of high technology, where for the population it seems impossible
to live without the internet and an endless number of smart gadgets, where the world's smartest
scientists are brainstorming discoveries of innovation to slow down the destruction of our planet
process, as a result of our human activities, which brought Mother Earths' environment to a
critical state, the minor thing we could do to help is to stop driving gasoline powered an internal
combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The essential component of ecologic safety is number one
global environmental problem. Factors that contribute to the growth of ecological damage
include gasoline cars that produce up to 70 percent of harmful emissions. According to Urban
Mobility Report study from 2014 shows traffic on roads has significantly increased in the U.S. and
elsewhere over the past 20 years (Schrank & Lomax,2014). Based on studies done by the
Transportation Research Board (TRB, 2012) vehicles emissions have become the dominant
source of air pollution, including carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile
organic compounds (VOCs) or hydrocarbons (HCs), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate
matter (PM) (TRB, 2002). These emissions contribute to risks of morbidity and mortality for
drivers, commuters, and individuals living near roadways, as shown by the epidemiological impact
assessments for specific road projects (World Health Organization (WHO), 2019, Health Effects
Institute (HEI), 2019).

An alternative environmentally friendly price-to-quality ratio can be made affordable
by electric cars driven by electric motors that can be charged at individuals' homes
or specialized electric stations. Worldwide electric cars are winning in the automobile markets
overall in the XXI century. Tesla is ranked among the top leaders in the production of electric
automobiles. High-class and fashionable, Tesla vehicles are a new stylish generation of
cars. In 2003 the company was established by Ian Wright, Mark Tarpenning, Martin
Eberhard, and Jeffrey B. Straubel. In February 2004, the entrepreneur Elon Musk joined the team
as Chairman of the Board. While attaining a billionaire status, Elon Musk started PayPal and the
private firm SpaceX. The whole world witnessed him demonstrate that automobiles can be
elegant, classy, and electric while maintaining the ability to travel long distances on one battery
charge. To prove that electric vehicles can be better, faster, and more fun to drive than
gasoline cars, engineers must prove that consumers do not have to compromise to drive
electric vehicles. Unsurprisingly, the company was named after the famous inventor
Nicola Tesla, who was recognized worldwide for his notable inventions, including the implementation of
electric power. In Fremont, California, all Tesla vehicles are manufactured at the Teslas factory,
where most...

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