The Brief Wondorous Life Of Oscar Wao English Summary

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by ​Bianca Hernandez​ on August 6th 
Act 1  
Have you ever heard of bad fuku? ​Oscar’s family has it all. The 
Dominican Republic’s fearful dictator, Trujillo, is behind Oscar’s family’s misfortune. 
Trujillo has magical powers which was used to torture them. The curse mainly 
brought ill-witted love to their table. How unfortunate. 
As a young child, Oscar was popular with the ladies. When he enters his 
teens, he turns into an unattractive nerd. Oscar dreams of love, but will never 
obtain it due to the curse. Oscar attempts to sway the heart of Ana Obregon. He 
does everything in his power to win her over. What happens to poor Oscar? She 
leads him on only to disappoint him. Later on in life, he falls for another woman 
who ends in a harsh rejection. This leads to Oscar’s suicide attempt.  
Oscar’s mother, Beli, also has an unrequited love story from her youth. She 
fell deeply in love with a man referred to as “The Gangster”. Her love strikes a bad 
turn when she finds out he’s married to Trujillo’s sister. Trujillo’s sister has an 
enormous portion of government control. When she finds out, she sends her men 
to beat up Beli. Beli’s beaten half to death.  
Unrequited love? Like mother, like son. 
by ​Bianca Hernandez​ on August 6th  
Act 2 
If you think what Beli and Oscar...

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