Parental Style And Socio Emotional State Grand Canyon University/ Pcn 518 Essay

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Running head:  STYLE 1
 Parental Style and Socio-Emotional Development in Middle Childhood 
Grand Canyon University: PCN-518
Parenting styles are very important in enabling children to develop certain skills which include overall wellbeing in areas such as academic performance, social engagements, and even improved problem-solving abilities. This essay will explore parental styles involving authoritarian, permissive, authoritative, and uninvolved in the development of a ten-year old child (Clinton, 2013).
The nature of authoritarian parenting follows a very strict and controlling style. These parents see that obedience is achieved and nothing happens without prior authorization in the household. The rules are set in place and the child must follow or else risk the possibility of being punished (Gómez-Ortiz, 2016). Moreover, these parents do not like being challenged and leave no room for personal opinion from the child. Thus, these parents exhibit a very demanding style of parenting without room for responsiveness. In the given scenario, Jennifer is ten years of age, and seeking to join a local tennis club with friends to practice. It comes as a shock when her parents refuse that she does not have time for recreational activity because she must get perfect grades in order to matriculate into an Ivy League university. In terms of the socioemotional development, this client will likely exhibit a timid behavior, lack in self-esteem, decreased spontaneity, ongoing depression, and heavily relying on the voice of an authority figure.
These parents show control and authority with added responsiveness in their parenting styles. Notably, these parents want their children to pursue independence, but make sure they listen to instructions when the need arises. It is also important that these parents show assertiveness without being intrusive or restrictive in any form. The goal in this style of parenting is to enable the client in becoming socially responsible, self-regulated as well as showing signs of a cooperative attitude (Egan, 2010). In the given scenario, Andrew and friends decide that for the upcoming summer vacation they want to visit Cancun Mexico. The parents agree that going on a vacation is great idea to cool off after a well deserving performance at school. Furthermore, the parents decide that it would be best to visit the site as a family, and then later a trip can be planned exclusively with friends. The form of communication builds trust and cooperation instead of simply saying no and not offering any alternatives. Andrew in this scenario is likely to grow up understanding that independence is a great attribute and serves ...


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