The Drinking Age: And How It Is Similar Or Different In Other Countries History 1301 Research Paper

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Destiny Terrell
History 1301-85401
Professor Thomas
Extra Credit 2
1776 was one of the most fast-paced, page turning nonfiction works I have ever read. Written by the highly appraised writer, David McCullough, the book focuses on the formation of America as a nation. The author is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize as well as the winner of several other highly accoladed awards such as the National Book Award. Though David McCullough did not attain a degree in history, he has a degree in English Literature from Yale and has written several other historical non-fiction books including Truman and John Adams, which have all been adapted to films. With an extraordinary writing skill, McCollough tells history like a children’s book.
The book starts out with a few quotes from “General George Washington”. McCollough quotes Washington, “Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages”. This is a hint on the direction the author will take with the telling of the story— George Washington’s military mindset and methods. Like the preface quotes, the table of contents also give away how the author chose to structure the book to tell one specific element of the beginnings of America.
The book 1776 is divided in to 3 parts: The Siege, Fateful Summer (The lines are drawn, Field of Battle), The Long Retreat. One can infer that this book will focus on the military events with “General” George Washington rather than political aspects. After reading the first opening chapter, I was reassured of David McCollough’s thesis that the military leadership of George Washington is what led the Americans to eventually win the war against Britain.
He uses 3 major battles as examples to supp...


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