Should Welfare Involve Drug Testing? Ohio University; English 1010 Argument Paper

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Argument Essay
The world changes every day. More people are born, more jobs collapse, and more opportunities present themselves. Government is such a powerful aspect of our lives, and there is not much we can do about it. The government seems as if it is beginning to take over and control our lives. Telling us what we can and cannot eat, how to treat others, and how to raise our children. These are parts of life that are meant to be decided upon on our own, and not having another voice in the background giving us the step by step. One of the most powerful forces the government has on us is welfare. In my opinion, welfare is making people lazy, and dependent on the feeding hand; us.
It is understandable that some people don’t have the same privileges as others. It is understandable they need a little extra help to raise their family and care for them. What is not understandable is when people become very dependent on the welfare and completely stop working and live off of it. Being and American taxpayer, a portion of our hard earned tax dollars go to help those people who are too lazy to provide for themselves. This does not apply to all Americans who are on the program, but a solid amount. I do not think that this policy is pointless, because it does help families who need a little extra push, and those who actually work for their money. In reality, the ones who take advantage of the policy do not take the opportunity to get a job of their own. As a result, their children do not get an education. This leads to a higher crime rate, and drugs usually seem to find their way in to the situation.
In my opinion, anyone who applies for government assistance should be drug tested. Essentially, this will cancel out any of the people who will take advantage of the program and actually give the people who will use it responsibly a chance. Our country was built from hard workers, and it needs to stay that way. I understand that some people are born into poverty and have no choice but to grow up with limited goods. But it should be a law that you need to pass a drug test before applying. If the test comes back negative, then aid should be given. This would alleviate the people who are trying to raise their families and actually have a job. People whose results come back positive would most likely be the people who would take advantage and live off of our hard earned money. But what do they care? They are living for free. Thanks to the hard working American, people who don’t feel the need...


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