The Handmaid's Tale Short Narrative Harvard University English Assignment

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“Luke! Luke!”
I scream on top of my lungs. I could barely see anything. It is pitch dark. I keep running as fast
as I could in the woods. I hold my daughter’s hand in mine tightly. I have never feel so afraid
before. I continue running. I hear footsteps approaching. It is the guards.
I quickly look around. There is a big rock near me. The guards are too fast and I cannot outrun
them. Hiding behind the rocks seems like the best ok.
“Shh. It is okay. Shh.” I said to my daughter while carefully climbing behind the big rock.
My daughter screams. I hear footsteps stop. I hear footsteps approaching.
I wake up. I am in a pitch dark room, just like the forest. The room smells like rotten eggs. I look
at my hands. My daughter’s hands are gone.
“Where am I?” I scream. No one answers.
I could see through a tiny hole on the wall. I bend down and try to figure out where I am. Nothing
outside looks familiar. All I can see is dry grass and soil. I sit back up and close my eyes. What
happen after I hear the footsteps? I ask myself silently. I could now hear more. I could hear
water dripping onto the floor. I could hear mice. They seem to be talking about me.
“Where am I?” I scream again. Dead silence.
I lean my head against the wall and look up to the ceiling. There is nothing there to look at.
Nothing that tells me where I am. Nothing that tells me where my husband and daughter are.
Nothing that tells me anything.
Suddenly, I hear a loud sound of metal door closing near me. I sit up and try to find the source
of a noise. I could not see anything. It is pitch dark.
“Offred?” ...


Feminism In The Handmaid's Tale - English 102 - Research Paper

1662 words - 7 pages , as people hope that our society does not become one identical to the one in THT. Sources: Neuman, S. C. (Shirley C.). “'Just a Backlash': Margaret Atwood, Feminism, and The Handmaid's Tale.” University of Toronto Quarterly, vol. 75, no. 3, 2006, pp. 857–868., doi:10.1353/utq.2006.0260. Hauser, Christine. “A Handmaid's Tale of Protest.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 30 June 2017,

English Poem Related The Handmaid's Tale - BCS - Essay

680 words - 3 pages . Still, that benefit will cost them a freedom to, they have to stay at the bottom of the barrel. In Gilead, women are defined solely by their gender roles as Wives, Handmaids, or Marthas. Roo Borson wants to Be water. (line 16). Even if a lower place, (line 17) the handmaids have to give up something in order to get something else. They have to sacrifice their bodies to get the freedom the Republic of Gilead acknowledges. Through the Water Memory Borson provides a great example that represents a character in The Handmaids Tale. The poem is giving the reader a connection to the short story and giving them a similar context in the book.

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1021 words - 5 pages In Margaret Atwood's "The handmaid's tale" and Judith Wright poems, some subject matters are similar because there are a lot of imageries based on children and men, from voices of a woman. In "the handmaid's tale" the narrator has lost her child and husband, and in some Judith Wright poems it is about a woman's love for men, and a child being born. Looking at the imagery and language used, we can compare between the approach the writers are

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1451 words - 6 pages z Atwood in the her dystopian novel The Handmaid’s tale present a fragmented narrative style which allows the readers to look at the narrator- Offred’s experience from a different way. Through reading the novel, we are crossing between Offred’s perspective at the present tense at the Gilead frame as well as her memories before it. As we go through the story line, we need to piece Offred’s memories with what she is experiencing right now together

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1511 words - 7 pages . We learn that this is the narrator's third assignment; the first two didn't work out. The Commander's Wife lays down the ground rules: stay out of the way, treat this as just business, and leave her husband alone. · The narrator thinks they wouldn't have liked each other in the life before. She recognizes the Commander's Wife as a woman called Serena Joy, who was on a Gospel TV show the narrator watched when she was little. Shopping · The

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2432 words - 10 pages . London: Penguin · Stein, G. (1933/2001) The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, London: Penguin. Secondary · Farwell, M. R. (1990). ‘Heterosexual Plots and Lesbian Subtexts: Towards a Theory of Lesbian Narrative Space’, in Karla Jay and Joanne Glasgow (eds.), Lesbian Texts and Contexts Radical Revisions. New York: New York University Press, 91-102. · Fetterley, J. (1990). ‘My Ántonia, Jim Burden, and the Dilemma of the Lesbian Writer’, in Karla Jay

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890 words - 4 pages ESSAY – SILENT VOICES: A Doll’s House & The Handmaid’s Tale Composers challenge the values of their individual contexts through transgressive characters, forms and literary devices, thus creating space and agency for silent voices. This idea is depicted in the play A Doll’s House written by Henrik Ibsen and the novel The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Atwood and Ibsen uphold the values within their respective 1970s - 80s context and 19th

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773 words - 4 pages were superior to women as it was a patriarchal society. BIBLIOGRAPHY Doherty, L, 1995, Sirens Songs: Gender Audiences and Narrators in the Odyssey, University of Michigan Press, Michigan. Essays, UK, 2018, ‘The Role of Women in the Odyssey English Literature’ accessed 13 March 2019, Retrieved from Lang, B, 2001, ‘Classical Philology – The Role of Women in the Odyssey’, Chicago Press, Vol. 96, No. 4, pp. 355-359. Whittaker, H, 2007, ‘Gender Roles in the Odyssey’, New York Publisher, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 12-17.  1

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571 words - 3 pages “The Tell-Tale Heart” Building Suspense As you read “The Tell-Tale Heart,” consider the ways in which the author, Edgar Allan Poe, creates suspense. Use this chart to keep track of just how Poe unsettles and unnerves his readers! At each of the stopping points below, record why this passage is suspenseful/identify the technique(s) Poe uses. Then rewrite the passage in a non-suspenseful way. Some techniques authors use to create suspense

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505 words - 3 pages away especially for woman. In the Handmaid's tale offred has flashbacks of her life before being a handmaid, offred had a family, Luke her husband and a daughter. She had a job, education and liberty but most important, rights. After a dramatically decreased birth rate and the assassination of the president of the united states, The republic of gilead was created. In the Republic of Gilead she is separated from her family, identity and has no

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418 words - 2 pages Osier​ 1 Chad Osier Mrs. Aguirre CP English 8 January 2018 Rhetorical Analysis Essay Author and anti-slavery activist, Olaudah Equiano, explains how terrifying it was to board an over crowded slave ship to the new land. Equiano’s purpose is to display the unjust acts by slave owners in order to create a feeling of sorrow in the emotions of the reader. He adopts an emotional tone in order to reach out to the many future generations. Equiano

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1140 words - 5 pages Curriculum into the classroom English Examining representations of Australia’s peoples, histories and cultures Year 9 Unit 1 Lesson 1 Representations in texts — Examining representations in a song Lesson concepts Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of working such as Yarning circles will assist students when making meaning and connections in group discussions during this lesson

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3193 words - 13 pages This is about the three short stories "The Black Cat" and "The Tell Tale Heart" written by Edgar Allen Poe and "Call It Madness" is written by Guy Du Maupassant"The black cat" is written by Edgar Allan Poe and is about a man who is paranoid about his cat. After turning to alcohol he becomes very violent and starts to abuse his animals and his wife.The man became more and more violent and took his rage out on the cat. He was a bully. He killed

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825 words - 4 pages Philemon’s trust and love. As we see in all three extracts, Philemon insists on giving the suit human qualities. In this way the suit is brought to life: Philemon forces Tilly to treat the suit as if it is an actual person and in this sense the suit becomes a third character in the love triangle. © Oxford University Press Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd 2013. From Oxford Practical Teaching English Literature: How to teach Grades 8–12. You may modify, print and photocopy this document solely for use in your classes. © Passages from “The Suit” by Can Themba from The World of Can Themba (Staffrider Series), Johannesburg, Ravan Press, 1985. Reprinted by permission of DALRO.

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556 words - 3 pages ground. “Shovel”, I exclaimed as I grabbed the shovel and ran to the villagers where they had cornered the Werewolf. I started to hit the werewolf with my shovel. The Werewolf turned around and then I smacked the Werewolf on the face with the shovel making it fall to the ground. I kept on hitting the Werewolf with the shovel with all my might until it was not moving anymore. The whole village lifts me up in the air for being a hero and I finally regained the trust that I had lost. I was a happy and honest shepherd from then on and lived happily ever. The End. Jake Shine English Composition II March 7, 2019