Lesson Plan English For Short Story Griffith Assignment

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Curriculum into the classroom
Examining representations of Australia’s peoples, histories and cultures
Year 9
Unit 1
Lesson 1
Representations in texts — Examining representations in a song
Lesson concepts
Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of working such as Yarning circles will assist students when making meaning and connections in group discussions during this lesson. This process is useful when reviewing, comprehending and reflecting.
For alternative texts refer to Suggested alternative resources for EATSIPS. (Note: prior to using any of these suggested texts, review the content to ensure suitability for your school context and class.)
The embedding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into the curriculum requires more than addressing curriculum and pedagogy. For further information refer to Delivering Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the classroom.
Example learning sequence
Review understanding of Australian identity
· Review prior knowledge of Australian identity:
· identify Australian icons and symbols
· identify Australian cultures and behaviours
· explain how an understanding of Australian identity can change over time.
Comprehend song lyrics that create representations
· Read and/or listen to a song that conveys ideas about representations of Australia’s peoples and cultures.
· Acknowledge the literary value of the song according to the historical context in which it was created.
· Comprehend the song lyrics to identify, interpret and analyse:
· the issue explored through the lyrics
· the purpose of the song
· who and what is represented in the song lyrics
· how the song mythologises Australia.
Examine language features that create representations
· Examine the evaluative language devices of a song’s lyrics that express ideas indirectly and create representations of Australia’s peoples and cultures:
· identify colloquial language
· identify the creative use of spelling and how it represents Australia’s peoples and their styles of speech
· identify the use of symbolism and metaphors
· explain how rhetorical questions are used by the song writer as a cohesive device to express ideas indirectly and build semantic associations between ideas.
Reflect on how language features influence interpretations
· Reflect on the language features of a song that convey ideas about representations of Australia’s peoples and cultures:
· Identify how an understanding of Australian identity is expanded through the analysis of the language features.
· Write a paragraph about how language features of a song influence an audience’s interpretation of the representations of Australia’s peoples and cultures.
Example resources
Sheet — ‘True Blue’ (song lyrics by John Williamson)
Sheet — Australian identity
Sheet — Australian icons
Sheet — Comprehending: ‘True Blue’
Sheet — Evaluative language devices: ‘True Blue’
Digital — Representation
Slideshow —...

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