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Part C.As Life Passes By The simple and private life of Doña Fedelia is interrupted as she is challenged to accept the ever-changing society. As her patience, privacy, and judgement are put to the test Doña Fedelia is frustrated with the intense surroundings. Doña Fedelia, a woman full of mood swings and judgements, portrays that of an elderly person who has lost all youth.As an ill-tempered person outraged by the fast movement of life and the hassle of society, Dona Fedelia finds wrong in all things. She scowls Beck for her crazy driving and extremely undersized car as they are traveling to the pl ...view middle of the document...

Doña Fedelia preferred "to be at home in her rocking chair crocheting and watching the Spanish-language station." She is an elderly woman and does not try to enjoy company or the excitement of society. She finds no excitement in seeing the play and says, "And what do I want with a play? I am perfectly happy just staying at home." Tired and elderly she does find a need in company or action in society. She is a self-righteous person who is very judgmental of her surroundings and peers as she sets back to watch life pass by. Watching playgoers' pass by, Doña Fedelia turns up her nose as if she is better and of higher class. As she observes the play that she has mistakenly arrived at, Doña Fedelia finds it embarrassing to be seen at such an explicit event. While her friend is flirting with the man in the next seat, Doña Fedelia is slouched in her chair, covering her eyes, and reaching in her purse for the mass. She has become so worried about what is happening and what people might think that it leads her to be a very judgmental person. The obstacles of life have proven to be too difficult for Doña Fedelia to face. Her tendency to be ill temper, recluse, and self-righteous appear to keep her from embracing the trials and tribulations of society. As life passes she finds happiness at home with her own company rather than leading a busy life. 430 words


Character Sketch of "The Other Family" - IB English - IB Englishshort story character sketch

418 words - 2 pages “The Other Family” Character Sketch - Mother Throughout the story, “The Other Family” by Himani Bannerji, the mother demonstrates many traits that contribute to her unique personality that sets the mood of the story. Despite having many attributes, one that is evidently highlighted is that the mother is an insecure person. The story starts off with her saying “[w]hat did I do, she thought, I took [my daughter] away from her own people and her

A character sketch, depicting the character Phineas from John Knowles "A Seperate Peace" as a propitious and understanding individual

524 words - 3 pages Free In the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowels, Phineas is depicted as a propitious and understanding individual. First of all, he is Gene's best friend. Finny includes Gene in any activity that he creates, or participates in. (Phineas is also referred to as Finny.)From the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session, to Blitzball; Gene is never once excluded. Even at the beach, another one of Finny's excursions, Gene is shown a good time. To

A Character Sketch Of Tellson's Bank In A Tale Of Two Cities

349 words - 2 pages Alice TapsikovaA Character sketch of Tellson's BankIn A Tale of Two Cities Dickens describes Tellson's Bank using thehumor and satire. The Tellson's Bank, a type, which actually existedin 1780, is described by Dickens as "an old fashioned, boastful, small, darkand ugly place with musty odour"(p.51). His derogation with this bank isobvious through the whole description even when he relates staff as "theoldest men carried on bussines gravely" and

a research paper about the zodiac killer - psychology - research paper

1177 words - 5 pages one of the killers letters. This wasn’t enough to identify a suspect, however it was a enough to eliminate some. The first suspect comes from Gary Stewart who believed that his father was the Zodiac. He closely resembles the killer and his name is the same number of character as the coded message the zodiac sent claiming to be his name. He may look like the sketch of the killer, but his description does not fit the description given at the last

Shoe-horn Sonata and One Minute's Silence Distinctively Visual Elements - year 12 - Distinctively Visual- Speech

1190 words - 5 pages Free Camilleri correspondingly uses distinct visuals to portray the experiences of the ANZAC and the Turkish troops who fought with honour on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Together these texts engage the audience in the experiences and situations faced during the war by the characters through the distinctively visual techniques which shape and determine the response of the audience. So, what provokes distinctive images? In SHS, John Misto uses character and

Interconnected Plots in "Into The Wild" by Jon Krakauer - Hilo High School, Ap English - Essay

811 words - 4 pages visits with Wayne Westerberg, who knew Christopher McCandless as “Alex McCandless” and who provides an initial character sketch of the young man, Krakauer in a bar in Carthage, Wisconsin. Westerberg employed McCandless on and off on his grain elevator and remembers him as engaging, intelligent, and determined. Details from McCandless’s comfortable, middle-class Virginia upbringing and his dislike of materialism further Krakauer’s understanding of the

speak how Melinda develops as a character - school - essay

1141 words - 5 pages Matheeswaran 2 Full name: Thanoj Matheeswaran Mrs. Sheridan ENG1D1-03 Date: October 22, 2018 The Symbolism through Melinda's Character Development in Speak         Symbolism is the use of symbols to supply things with a representative meaning. Symbolism isn’t just a tiny sign that displays an abstract concept, it could showcase the entire history of someone’s existence. In the novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, a young girl named Melinda

C.S. Lewis Chronicales Of Narnia Analysis (With Topics)

1553 words - 7 pages your ears." After being warned the three travelers vow not to unboundthe prince no matter the circumstances.Topic # 6: Write a biographical sketch of a character in the novel. In the land of Narnia lives an aged King called Caspian the Sea Farer. KingCaspian has lost his wife and son, his wife was murdered by an evil witch serpent and hisson was stolen away by the same dangerous serpent. The King does not know who willtake over the throne

1984 By George Orwell - Book Report

1011 words - 5 pages 1984 by George OrwellCharacter sketch by Jeffrey Bowerman.The two main characters in 1984 are Winston Smith and Julia. Winston has his beliefs. It is very hard to make him believe in someone else's ideas or lies. He is a little paranoid about people watching him. In the story 1984, people can be watched through TVs (telescreens). Because of this paranoia, he found a place in his apartment were he could sit without being seen. He spends much of

animal farm where it entitles stuff about animal farm and stuff - nirvana 10 - english lit

1156 words - 5 pages Free communities and the threat that it poses to democracy and freedom. The Danger of a Naïve Working Class One of the novella’s most impressive accomplishments is its portrayal not just of the figures in power but also of the oppressed people themselves. Animal Farm is not told from the perspective of any particular character, though occasionally it does slip into Clover’s consciousness. Rather, the story is told from the perspective of the common animals as a

Portrayal of masculinity in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Red Badge of Courage - Fractured Identities: American Literature from the Civil War to World War II - Essay

1594 words - 7 pages Marthe Tanghe GL/EN 3472 Fractured Identities: American Literature from the Civil War to World War II Portrayal of masculinity in ​Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ​and ​The Red Badge of Courage​: Two opposite sides of the spectrum. The representation of gender in literature has been studied in depth in the last half a century. We seem heavily engrossed in how gender portrayal can mean so many thing in novels; it can reveal plot points, character

Standard Term Paper Essay: The History Of Animation

1496 words - 6 pages History Of Animation In 1930, animators Hugh Harmon, Isadore Freleng and Rudolf Ising signed a contract with Warner Bros. to create a cartoon series called "Loony Tunes". The main character of the show was a guy named Bosko, and while he continued to be popular, he was never quite the same as Disney's Mickey Mouse. During the next few years, through "Foxy" and "Merry Melodies", the studio suffered a serious decline in creative work. Hugh

Literary Analysis of "The Unwanteds" by Lisa McMann - Grade Nine Language Arts - Book Report

1550 words - 7 pages talents many times throughout the book. Alex’s creativity manifests as a prominent talent for arts such as drawing, painting, and sculpting. He uses his drawing talent, along with his magic, to sketch the door to his brother’s dormitory in such perfect detail that he was able to step through the door he drew into his brother’s dorm room in the Wanted University. If Alex had not been talented enough to draw the three-dimensional door, then Aaron, his

Symbols And Meanings In "Moby Dick"

2374 words - 10 pages character sketch offered in chapter 26 that uses psychological omniscience to probe the depth of Starbuck's inner life, A 'staid, steadfast man' with basic ruggedness in his nature, Starbuck possesses courage that is not the devil-may-care fearlessness of Stubb but a useful and practical commodity, one of 'the great staple outfits of the ship, like her beef and her bread, and not to be foolishly wasted.'" (McSweeney. 89)."Despite all the heterodoxy

Food Market

2803 words - 12 pages concerned and elucidate the U.S. Government's nearby position in adaptable GM food.The term GM foods or GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) is the majority usually used to pass on to crop plant life shaped for person or animal expenditure by the newest molecular biology techniques. These undergrowths have been customized in the laboratory to improve preferred character such as enlarged battle to herbicides or better dietetic contented. The