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“The Other Family” Character Sketch - Mother
Throughout the story, “The Other Family” by Himani Bannerji, the mother demonstrates many traits that contribute to her unique personality that sets the mood of the story. Despite having many attributes, one that is evidently highlighted is that the mother is an insecure person. The story starts off with her saying “[w]hat did I do, she thought, I took [my daughter] away from her own people and her own language, and now here she comes walking alone, through an alien street in a country named Canada” (Bannerji 1). When someone reflects on their actions, it usually shows that that person is doubting something. The mother is questioning her own actions and feels responsible for the current situation their family is in when she says, “[s]he could feel the unfairness of it all. She [is] sorry that she [is] putting such a heavy burden on such young shoulders” (2). More so ever, conflicts occur later in the story when the mother shows her strong sense of ethnicity. When her daughter shows her the drawing of their family, “[the mother’s] face set[s] into an expression of anger and sadness” (2). She strongly points out the fact that: “[her, ...


A Character Sketch Of Pip In Dicken's "Great Expectations"

754 words - 4 pages Joe as a child, while maturing, finds that hisperspective on life has shifted. This boy, beginning life with a caring,generous heart, regresses becoming a superficial, ungrateful man who isashamed of what he had once been. Pip and Biddy had become the best of friends and felt very stronglytowards each other. However, once Pip had been introduced to Estella, hewas overcome by her beauty, and would never again be able to look at Biddy,without

Paper On The Playgoers Character Sketch

490 words - 2 pages Part C.As Life Passes By The simple and private life of Doña Fedelia is interrupted as she is challenged to accept the ever-changing society. As her patience, privacy, and judgement are put to the test Doña Fedelia is frustrated with the intense surroundings. Doña Fedelia, a woman full of mood swings and judgements, portrays that of an elderly person who has lost all youth.As an ill-tempered person outraged by the fast

A Character Sketch Of Tellson's Bank In A Tale Of Two Cities

349 words - 2 pages Alice TapsikovaA Character sketch of Tellson's BankIn A Tale of Two Cities Dickens describes Tellson's Bank using thehumor and satire. The Tellson's Bank, a type, which actually existedin 1780, is described by Dickens as "an old fashioned, boastful, small, darkand ugly place with musty odour"(p.51). His derogation with this bank isobvious through the whole description even when he relates staff as "theoldest men carried on bussines gravely" and

A character sketch, depicting the character Phineas from John Knowles "A Seperate Peace" as a propitious and understanding individual

524 words - 3 pages Free In the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowels, Phineas is depicted as a propitious and understanding individual. First of all, he is Gene's best friend. Finny includes Gene in any activity that he creates, or participates in. (Phineas is also referred to as Finny.)From the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session, to Blitzball; Gene is never once excluded. Even at the beach, another one of Finny's excursions, Gene is shown a good time. To

IB Commentary: A Visit From the Footbinder - IB English - Commentary

1098 words - 5 pages Gemma 11Z Ms Clark IB English ‘A Visit from the Footbinder’ by Emily Prager (1982) ‘A Visit from the Footbinder’ is a short story written by American author Emily Prager which depicts the ancient Chinese practice of a young girl, Pleasure Mouse, getting her feet bound. Through alternating between objective and emotive description, and between reality and spiritual realms, the author conveys her disagreement with the practice of footbinding and

The Transformation of The Monster - Pre-IB English II - Essay

1017 words - 5 pages Free Truman Jessica Truman Pre-IB English II Period 1 25 May 2018 The Transformation of The Monster In the novel, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley develops the character of the monster as a unnatural creature. The monster is described to have a complicated life as he is created by the hands of Victor Frankenstein. Victor isolates himself from his family and friends as he desired to discover the creation of life. Through many trial and errors, he is able

The Real Tragic Hero of Antigone - IB English - Essay

583 words - 3 pages Aaliyah Jackson Ms. MacArthur IB English 8 May 2018 Prompt #2: The Role of Antigone In the play ​Antigone, ​Sophocles never really make it clear who is the real tragic hero. The readers can conflicted as for is Antigone the real tragic hero of this play. However, I saw Antigone as a catalyst of the story, not the tragic hero. Antigone is the character who made the real tragic hero, Creon, recognize his faults and flaws. Creon fit the

The Interrupter: A Short story written by hannah Bartlette, it was an ongoing project. - English IB - Short Story Assignement

4031 words - 17 pages on this planet. "May I finish my story?" I say, cocking my head to one side. Suddenly there are screams. "Liam stop!" Sally cries. The whole crowd is running to the other side of the tree desperately trying to get a glimpse of Liam struggling up the side of the tree towards me. He reaches the halfway mark and beams up at me, delight in his hazel eyes. "It's okay to be sad. It happens to everyone." he calls, staring up at me. "Just come down where

Gilded Age in the House of Mirth - English IB-SL - Essay

625 words - 3 pages Aziz 1 Aziz 2 Hamza Aziz 04 December 2018 English IB-SL Mr. Platt All that Glitters is not Gold The Gilded Age was the name of time period in America during the later nineteenth century, from 1870 to 1900. The name of the Gilded Age came about as during the time there were numerous problems with the American society, yet they were covered up by a light gold gilding. The irony in the Gilded Age moniker, with society appearing perfect but being

Camus The Stanger Absurdist Essay - IB English III - Essay

705 words - 3 pages Hema Patel 10/11/18 IB English 3 Midterm Essay The Absurd In The Stranger Absurdism by definition is the belief that human beings exist in a purposeless universe. In Albert Camus’ The Stranger, Camus includes his philosophy of the Absurd through his protagonist Meursault. He uses Meursault’s lack of family and personal relationships to isolate the character and further depict his Absurd ideals. Throughout The Stranger, Camus’ ideas are seen

Character Analysis of Christian Darling - Ashland University English - Character Analysis

1737 words - 7 pages . This selfishness continues throughout the story when Louise asks Christian to attend art galleries with her too. Soon enough Christian becomes jealous of Cathal Flaherty and the other sophisticated men in Louise’s social life, although she tries very hard to include him in her friend group. Next, Christian’s attitude towards life is a very poor character trait of his. He is very insecure about himself because he continues to dwell in the past

IB reflective statement examples - IB english - reflective statement

647 words - 3 pages contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral? I thought it was interesting for the IO today to challenge the biased lens through which I was viewing the Albanian blood feuds in Kadare’s novel, Broken April. It is easy to jump on board with his apparent rhetorical agenda and label blood feuds as ridiculous, barbaric, archaic, exotic, etc. When people consider equally ridiculous seeing laws or practices from other

Character Analysis- The Great Gatsby - English III - character analysis

412 words - 2 pages passionate mouth..” “Hulk of a man” “ Her husband, among various physical accomplishments, had been one of the most powerful ends that ever played football at New Haven…” Home Environments Old Class Rich “..wherever people played polo and were rich together.” Old Class Rich “His family were enormously wealthy—even in college his freedom with money was a matter for reproach…” Actions-quotes “Here, dearis.’ She groped around in a waste-basket she

Character Analysis of the Pardoner: Canterbury Tales - English Lit - Essay

832 words - 4 pages will only “preach to make money.” (page 15) This personality makes the other pilgrims not like him that much. The Pardoner has even said that he would rather take the last penny from a widow and her starving family than to give up his own money. He also uses his tale in order to try and sell pardons to the other pilgrims who are in the group. Much of the other pilgrims look down upon him for selling fake relics and they do not really trust him

Timeline of events of Germany. Italy and the rest of the world - IB History - Timeline

2253 words - 10 pages Brenner Pass to prevent Hitler’s attempts at Anschluss. Hitler backed down. Dollfuss was replaced as Chancellor by the right-wing ​Kurt von Schuschnigg​. 30 June​ - ​The Night of the Long Knives​ begins as Hitler purges the SA and other leaders, with over 200 people killed including Gregor Strasser, Ernst Rohm, and Kurt von Schleicher. 2 August​ ​- ​President Hindenburg dies​ - With the support of the army, Hitler merges the offices of Chancellor