The Thematic Concepts Of Lord Of The Flies Continue To Play A Large Role In Today's Society (Lord Of The Flies In Relation To The Media)

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IntroductionThe three ideas I used were, Democracy vs. Dictatorship, Humanity and Human Nature and Innocence vs. Experience. Democracy vs. Dictatorship connects with Ralph (as the democratic leader) and Jack (as the dictator)and is compared to democracy being overthrown. Humanity and Human Nature is connected to the boys obtained savagery and immorality. It is then related to war, the effects of war and isolation caused by war. Innocence vs. Experience relates to Simon symbolizing innocence, Jack and Ralph symbolizing experience and Ralph realization of the end of innocence on the island. I chose these topics because I thought they were the most important themes in the book. These the ...view middle of the document...

These factors show Jack as a dictator. A crucial event in the novel is when Jack overthrows Ralph democratic leadership and replaces it with a dictatorship society. Near the end of the story, Ralph and Piggy are left as the only ones who believe in democracy, while the rest have gone under Jack authority. This Lord of the Flies event relates to the once democratic North Korea, but then overthrown by communist leader Kim Il-sung. North Korea (now communist/ dictatorship) symbolizes the dictator Jack and his followers. South Korea (democratic) represents the impartial Ralph and Piggy which still believe in democracy. North Korean troops later invaded the south (this symbolizes Jack and his follower hunting Ralph and Piggy) but neither side won. In the end of the book, Jack nor Ralph won the war. The conclusion was filled with pessimism.Humanity and Human NatureWilliam Golding offers a very pessimistic outlook on human nature. The morals of the boys on the island quickly go from civilized to savage. Civilization is destroyed and societal expectations have no meaning to the boys since they have been isolated from their previous structured and lawful lifestyle. Isolation causes even one of the most civilized characters, Ralph, to resort to his savage instincts. This quote shows Ralph acquired bloodlust after being exposed to such a hostile environment: "Ralph was fighting to get near...the desire to squeeze and hunt was over-mastering." (Golding 104). This isolation leads to the transformation of a war battlefield on the island and through out time a transformation into savages. This situation is similar to that of a movie called Blindness. Blindness plot consists of people becoming infected by a disease where they go blind. They are then sent to quarantine camps, isolated from society and forced to make their own government. The people sent to quarantine found it increasingly difficult to continue living a civilized life as conflicts arose, murder and immorality began and savagery took over. Blindness shows aspects of war as does Lord of the Flies. The boys are stranded on an island and isolated from society. The island represents the battlefield of war and the boys represent the isolated soldiers. The boys, previously civilized, are exposed to hostile environments and murder. Soldiers experience these situations at war. Their morality is then compromised therefore leading to savagery. The quote I previously explained includes Ralph having a desire to squeeze and hunt. Compared to war and bloodlust, soldiers may have a desire to shoot and kill. The boys have one main thing in common with soldiers of war, both have a dominant need to survive.Innocence vs. ExperienceBefore the boys reach the island, they were innocent. Innocence is a term used to indicate a general lack of guilt, with respect to any kind of crime, sin, or wrongdoing. It can also refer to naivety and lack of understanding. It is the opposite of experience. Simon is the symbol...


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597 words - 3 pages Lord of the Flies EssayA conch may seem ordinary but you should never judge anything from its appearance. In William Golding's book, Lord of The Flies, the conch plays an important role throughout the story where kids get stranded on an island and fail to stay united and civilised. The conch is a strong object that symbolises 3 main things. It represents power, civilisation and leadership as it helps the kids stay in order and be disciplined

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284 words - 2 pages On an island where no established civilization exists, fear consumes all and converts human beings into savages. In Lord of the Flies by Golding, Jack lures small children into his tribe, and controls them through means of fear. Jack, the chief hunter, ensnares susceptible children with a scarce delicacy -- meat. Through the children's fear of hunger, Jack is able to impose his will upon the members of his tribe. As they hear more about the

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2574 words - 11 pages served children as catalysts to the world of adults". I believe this proves my points that by Ender being isolated the way he is frok people his age, he is forced to become more brutal and violent. Similarly in Lord of the Flies, Ralph is left desperately trying to help rebuild a society on the island that could help the children survive, but rather than listen to his rules, they choose to recklessly play. Roger is a doppelganger of Stilson and

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1236 words - 5 pages adapting the civilized culture to live in houses so that there will be order on the island. Clearly, Ralph intends to sustain a stable democratic society on the island. However, Jack on the other hand contradicts Ralph's ideas. First of all, Jack disrespected Ralph's leadership by talking while he was not holding the conch. As a result Ralph resents Jack. Second of all, Jack goes hunting instead of helping Ralph to build the huts. Ralph thinks that

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563 words - 3 pages Lord of the Flies Essay- William Golding Lord of the Flies is set on a deserted island where a group of boys were stranded due to a plane crash. In the novel, “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, the author uses a lot of symbols to help portray the destruction and deterioration of the boys. The destruction of the island can be understood using various symbols, the symbols that I will be examining are the conch, painted faces, and the beast

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1025 words - 5 pages Good afternoon, students and teachers. Today I will be analysing Lord of the Flies and We are going and how the writer of both of these texts have displayed metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a concept often seen in literature and is used as an idea to stimulate complication in many famous texts. Lord of the Flies and We Are Going are texts that both show how metamorphosis occurs within people when certain situations or circumstances arise. Lord of

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884 words - 4 pages Free count at this end of the island." (150) As the story develops and the boyscontinue to cut their ties with order and society, the conch is no longer used. "...theconch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist." (181) The conchwas the boys' final tie to civilization; once that was lost there was no turning back.The face paint used by Jack's tribe is a third symbol Golding uses to representan important theme in Lord of the Flies

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1412 words - 6 pages gratifying. Even though the other boys follow Jack into the ruling of the Id, he is still able to express his desires in a respected manner, leaving him to be the true Ego of the story. The appearance of Simon in the novel Lord of the Flies, is of great significance as he represents the Superego. He shows himself unintentionally as a kind and compassionate person. He helped all the boys, “Simon found for them the fruit they could not reach

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464 words - 2 pages Pg 158"Fancy thinking the beast was something.. Why things are what they are?" "Lord Of The Flies" is another name for the devil. In a well-written response, discuss some of the evil incidents that occur in this chapter There are lots of evil incidents that occur in this chapter. Some are involved with Ralph others Jack and Simon. All the boys are now becoming more wild. They want to hunt, spill blood and make a ruckus of

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916 words - 4 pages Civilization:The way the children behaved in the later half of the novel was far from civilized. They are easily convinced to go against their past way of life. From the beginning of the novel, the boys have trouble uniting. There are several attempts at trying to run the island in a civilized manner, but it all falls apart very quickly.Humans are tempted quite a lot by their uncivilized nature. Most of us know the difference between right and

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1036 words - 5 pages Lord of the Flies and Hunger Games Compare and Contrast Essay Compare and contrast the situations in Lord of the Flies with The Hunger Games. Look at the notes in your Grammar & Composition pattern on different organizational patterns for writing Compare/Contrast essays. Compare means to note points of similarity. Contrast means to note points of differences. I. Railroad pattern. The writer says everything about “A” and then says everything

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1257 words - 6 pages emerge. The characters of the Beast and the Lord of the Flies are imaginary monsters created by the boys. They can be said to symbolize fear and bloodlust. Jack's character embodies this bloodlust and a thirst for power, while Ralph symbolizes democracy and a need for order. The two traits end up being a deadly combination. However, there is also an element of compassion that is revealed in the character of Simon. This character contains the

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1323 words - 6 pages Lord of the Flies: the Nature of GovernmentsMany governments currently exist in the world, but none of them are absolutely perfect. Natural governments are created to unite a group of people, and to serve them respect, dignity, and safety. No government is perfect, simply because people are not all perfect. The flaws of society are depicted in the book, Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The natural government was assembled first by

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1648 words - 7 pages Free . William Golding’s Lord of The Flies combines a strong theme it delivers about the savage nature of humans, empowered with the use of symbols, and its unique characters to create a compelling novel. The words of Golding deliver a profound theme— the true nature of humans, is savagery, and moral behaviour is imposed by the spoken and unspoken rules of society. Throughout the story, an evident conflict is present- the instinct to live by rules, following

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593 words - 3 pages Devil of DecayIn the "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, several boys get themselves stranded on a deserted island. Upholding English etiquette, the boys act proper for a while, until the thought of a beast is brought up by a little kid. Ralph, the elected leader of the boys, dismisses this beast. Simon, the intellectual and receptive boy, has his own notions about the beast. In the chapter "Beast from Air", Ralph calls a meeting. In this