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Fish for All 2
Argumentative Essay
Bre Vaughn
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Professor O’Donnell
Fish for All
Today, we are made to believe that red meat is needed in order for human consumption for one’s survival and health. Most people in today’s society are raised to eat large quantities of animals’ flesh, as well as eating animal products. People who grow up focusing less on healthier foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables, suffer in the long run. It is burned into people’s minds that they need meat for nutrients as well as protein. This statement is proven to false according to, (Dr.Axe, 2018), “fish and seafood are some of the healthiest sources of dietary protein and fatty acids in the world”. Most people believe the common false statements about meat consumption because it is what most are taught by society. With society supporting such a diet, most people are afraid of turning away from what is considered to be the norm. Most research has shown that the typical American diet focuses on much larger quantities of red meat, however there are several reasons why people choose to live a pescatarian lifestyle. The health benefits of converting to a pescatarian lifestyle are tremendous. A pescatarian lifestyle will help prevent cancer, along with helping to prevent heart disease.
Nowadays, health is the number one topic of concern in both individuals as well as worldwide. Health is a delicate factor, and its upholding depends solely on the nutritional intake we consume from our everyday foods. Most people consume more proteins and fats than the body needs, which causes many cases of the prevalent health issues today (Mercola, 2014). A high-fat diet can eventually lead to heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes (Mercola, 2014). Choosing to live life as a pescatarian means your eating is now primarily a vegetarian one but includes all fish and seafood. The pescatarian lifestyle provides the added nutrient benefits that fish provides. Omega 3 fatty acids, which can be found in fish, are great for improving heart health, as this lowers the amount of fat in your blood.
There are major questions about converting to a pescatarian lifestyle. Many even argue on if you’ll ultimately fall into protein deficiency. It’s true that many meats can contain a high amount of protein, but just because the intake of protein is essentially cut, it doesn’t mean you will be lacking in protein. Fish contain many necessary vitamins. This is including vitamins A, B and C which are known for the great help it gives your eyes, bones, and brain. The vegan lifestyle will usually have to be careful of falling into a possible protein deficiency, however, “Pescatarians don’t think twice about whether they’re getting protein or not” (Clinic, 2017). Increasing fish and seafood consumption can also be a great dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids you can find.
As we age, we’re more susceptible to memory loss and brain impairments like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia....


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