Construction Productivity And Its Improvement University Of Florida/ Bcn5470 Assignment

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BCN5470- Construction Methods Improvement
Assignment Module-1
• 2007-2008
Wage- $16/hr Number of bricks placed/day- 240
Cost per brick = $0.54
• 2008-2009
Wage- $16.96/hr Number of bricks placed/day- 242.4 = 242 bricks
Cost per brick = $0.56
• 2009-2010
Wage- $17.97/hr Number of bricks placed/day- 244.8 = 245 bricks
Cost per brick = $0.59
• 2010-2011
Wage- $19.05/hr Number of bricks placed/day- 247.24 = 247 bricks
Cost per brick = $0.62
• 2011-2012
Wage- $20.19/hr Number of bricks placed/day- 249.7 = 250 bricks
Cost per brick = $0.65
• 2012-2013
Wage- $21.40/hr Number of bricks placed/day- 252.19 = 252 bricks
Cost per brick = $0.68
Inflation Rate (2008-2009)- 3.70%
Inflation Rate (2009-2010)- 5.36%
Inflation Rate (2010-2011)- 5.08%
Inflation Rate (2011-2012)- 4.84%
Inflation Rate (2012-2013)- 4.61%
3. In order to reduce the inflation by half, the percentage increase in productivity should
have been,
3.70%/2 = [{(x/16.96-30/16)} / (x/16.960)]* 100
On solving for x, we get the percentage increase from 2008-09 = 6%
Percentage increase from 2009-10 = 6%
Percentage increase from 2010-11= 3.83%
Percentage increase from 2011-12= 2.1%
Percentage increase from 2012-13= 2.4%
Q.2- Following is the chart of productivity of nonfarm sectors from the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics website-
Labor productivity for nonfarm business sector-
2013 0.5
2014 0.8
2015 1.3
2016 0.1
2017 1.1
According to U.S. Labor Productivity Data,
2012 26072.983 3.9%
2013 21729.525 -5.8%
2014 30184.64 0.9%
2015 15317.06 -17.1%
2016 8354.4 -5.8%
2017 NA 10.4%
After seeing the productivity in construction in last five years, we can say...

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