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This text is about the proper way to type an email, mostly in a professional manner. Typing an email in the correct form could possibly build a lasting relationship professionally. Knowing how to type an email will put you in a category as a pleasant and considerate individual. The headlines of this is Minding Your Email Manners. The author of this is Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan.
Emailing is one of the biggest ways professionals communicate with each other on a day to basis. There are a few flaws when it comes down to sending emails and that is the tone. It is important to not come off as a person that would be uncomfortable to be around for the person on the receiving end of the email. That is what this text is mainly about; sending emails with a professional tone. In this text she was focused on what words to use and how to compose an email. Emails usually start with a greeting.
The way you start your greeting and the amount of time you've known a person may help out with preventing awkwardness and seeming too casual. Greetings such as "Hello" and "Good morning" are usually safe for anyone. She goes on to talk about the length of your email. Basically, many professionals are busy and don't really have the time for reading emails, especially when it's a long one. So, in all, just greet and get straight to the point, professionally of course, and k...


Who's Who in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam - ART 201 - Critical Analysis

1173 words - 5 pages Who's Who in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam: A Chronology of the Picture's Reluctant Self-Revelation This article talks about Michelangelo’s Creation Of Adam. It is a painting that was painted in the 16th Century during the High Renaissance that focused on figure painting and was done quickly in watercolor on wet plaster on a ceiling.This painting were commissioned by Pope Julius II for the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Rome


462 words - 2 pages would complement the environment around it. When each piece is finished, his team then puts it into one big sculpture. His team is crucial to his success and he acknowledges that. Chihuly who himself describes one of his interview “Through the Looking Glass” explains his interpretations with his team and how they go about creating each piece of art. Wildly vibrant color is one of Chihuly’s signature. He goes on to describe his work to students

Musuem essay. art history on egyptian and early greek art - ccp, art 103 - essay

439 words - 2 pages CRISTO KOLATHU 06/17/2018 ART 103 002 The Goddess Sekhmet The work I’m choosing from my Museum visit is ‘The Goddess Sekhmet’ and the work I’m comparing it to is the ‘Lamassu’ Guardian figures at the gate of Citadel of Sargon II from the text book. Both of these works are considered guardian figures but the Lamassu is considered more of a guardian figure than Sekhmet because of the location and what it represents. It represents as a welcoming

This essay is about the piece of art "Kiss of Judas." - Art History 101 - Essay

1247 words - 5 pages through very carefully. With any type of art, color and design are very important and it is shown Giotto knew what he was trying to show. The main colors shown throughout Kiss of Judas are complementary colors. Complementary colors are the colors across from each other on a color wheel. A different variety of cool and warm colors are shown throughout the whole painting and show a great contrast. Different shades of warm colors are shown to draw the

Midterm Paper on Art through the Ages - Art History 1 - Essay

893 words - 4 pages Stephanie Ferreira 50:082:101 Midterm Paper Mesopotamian Culture Inanna; Female Head Circa 3200-3000 BCE. Marble 8” high Found in the National Museum of Irag, Baghdad Chegg 34, Figure 2.4 This female head was imported at a high cost since fine stone, such as white marble was scarce and used sparingly. (Word Press) Inanna is seen as the goddess of love and war. When looking at this marble sculpture I see a perfectly depicted human face. The face

Art History Paper on Double Crocodile Pendant - AP Art History - Research Paper

754 words - 4 pages in South and Latin American culture represents “divine voracity” and is seen as an agent of divine retribution (Tressider 127). In some Central American lore, the crocodile was interpreted and as a divine creator who gave birth to the earth and carries the earth on its back. Gold is a very common theme in the art of Central America and was seen as a “metal of perfection” and was associated with the sun in the ancient world (Tressider 209). The

barbara kruger's views on conservatives - lsmsa- intro to contemp art - art critique

575 words - 3 pages Kylie Walker Chris King Introduction to Contemporary Art 18 November 2018 Art Critique of “Untitled (Pro-Life for the Unborn/Pro-Death for the Born)” by Barbara Kruger Barbara Kruger is an American artist born in Newark, New Jersey in 1945. She grew up in a “typical” suburban household, and after graduating high school briefly attended Syracuse University before moving on to the Parsons School of Design. She was greatly influenced by her

it is an assignment that ha to do with the hagia sophia - art 101 - Assignment

515 words - 3 pages The E. Byzantine design for Hagia Sophia is based on a Roman basilica but an extraordinary one. Explain. What is distinctive or unusual about its design? What role does mass (material) play? Space/volume? Light? Ornament? The way that this building was made is amazing especially because it was made three times. It was design like a roman basilica because it that time period Christianity the official religious it that this, so they need a place

Night Attack on Sanjo palace vs. Bayeux Tapestry - Art History - Essay

579 words - 3 pages Free , the Night Attack on the Sanjo Palace is a handscroll, meaning it was drawn using ink and color on paper. Citations art/a/night-attack americas/medieval-europe-islamic-world/a/bayeux-tapestry

"Lean, Mean, Extreme-Machine" -- This Essay Is On How Cyrano De Bergerac Is Able To Exceed Every Man In The Realms Of Art, Battle, And Love By The Extremes

742 words - 3 pages In today's world, it is accepted that, no matter the ability of an individual, somebody has a greater gift than him. Whether power, knowledge, or character, any person can equally find a talent to compare with another's. In Cyrano de Bergerac, however, one man has more skill in everything than anyone he faces. Cyrano, with his gentle spirit and vibrant swordsmanship, proves to surpass mankind by taking his actions in art, battle, and love to the

Wars - an artist statement describing my body of work on the concept of different wars in the world - Art - PBC - Artist Statement

931 words - 4 pages Aliyah Fusca-Arua An Artist’s Self Absorption Ms Kent Artist Statement Concept: An Artist’s Self-Absorption. Focus: Passenger Context: Social/ Political. Body of Work: “Wars” Artworks: “DON’T SHOOT” (acrylic on canvas paper 42.0 x 59.4cm) “BE A MAN” (acrylic & watercolour on canvas paper 42.0 x 59.4cm) “PROTECT” (acrylic on canvas paper 42.0 x 59.4cm) “BUY A MISSLE” (acrylic on canvas paper 42.0 x 59.4cm) “Wars” is a body of work with the

what is art

373 words - 2 pages viewing. Many even argued that 'The Androgynous David' was not even art. Maybe it is merely a "sign of the times"- that what art those who dwelled during the time of the Renaissance once deemed scandalous, we are very much tolerant and appreciative of now. If it were not for those humanists who created this art we look back at now, art would not have evolved into what it is now- the shoes you are wearing would have never been designed; the table your computer is resting on would have never been created; all the things we come across in our everyday lives would simply not have been created.


833 words - 4 pages Free Supper.Michelangelo was mainly interested in creating large marble statues. However, he was also a great architect, painter and poet. One of Michelangelo's greatest works was "David" which portrays a former king of Israel. He worked with da' Vinci to create large battle scenes to decorate the walls of the town city hall in Florence. Other famous art created by Michelangelo was the Sistine Chapel, the Medici Chapel and the Last Judgment.Raphael painted

What Is Art?

691 words - 3 pages Free as Photoshop and plastic surgery because the body can also be like art as we look at one another with emotional connections.Looking at an object and feeling some sort of emotion causes the individuals to wonder, how can the artist do such a good job at conveying his thoughts and beauty? Through experiences and truths they connect through their work, which can impact the thoughts of other's views of conflict and ignite deeper thoughts. In one of

how does art therapy benefit people with mental illness - college reading class - research paper

687 words - 3 pages individual to focus on the task at hand rather than to focus on negative emotions. Although the practice of using art therapy to treat mental illness is largely beneficial other medical practitioners show a significant lack of understanding about this form of treatment. Clients are often referred to art therapy via their doctors however, studies suggest that doctors do not believe that art therapy is beneficial. It is a commonly held belief that