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Votes Essay

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Andrea Sepulveda 5/23/13Prof: MahlAssignment: How laws are used as a mechanism for social control?Some believe that laws are used as a mechanism to control the populace. Chomsky clearly shows this to be true in his essay "Drug Policy as Social Control", when he describes the war against drugs in the United States. He points out that the "drug policy" is used as a mechanism of social control, to control those that are from the lower class level and those of different race. Plato in his dialogue "Crito" also describes laws that are used to control population. I believe that the government is monopolizing those that are trying to make a living; I believe that it is unfair.The government (the ...view middle of the document...

He spoke his truth and if his truth was not good enough he would face his punishment. He also felt that if he was to escape he will be a moral coward and will not be accepted in heaven. In one of our class discussions we mentioned how Socrates can be compared to Martin Luther King. Socrates and Martin L. King believed in "Changing Laws" of the power structure by direct non-violent action. They both also believed that just laws are created by God that uplifts men. Socrates believed that there is an "implied contract", an unspoken and unwritten, yet binding agreement between a citizen and the state, and that a citizen who disobeys the law is wrong. Socrates mentions the laws of Athens and he tells Crito that once you signed the contract you need to follow the rules because you have become a part of them. He also obeys the Athens laws because he loves where he is from, he feels that the citizen has no right to retaliate. Socrates believed that God was going to do justice in the heavens, so for now he felt that it was an obligation to follow the men's unjust laws.From my point of view, I believe that the government uses social control as a mechanism. I believe that they are creating unjust laws because they are primarily focusing on those who are lower class level and those that are of different race. Most of the lower class people and those of...

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