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Public Transport Essay

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Hello! Today I am going to talk about public transport.In 21st century we have public transport. I suposse that it is a really big part of our lifes, because everyday people travel, go to work, meet people.First of all let me tell you why almost half of people 47 percent use public transport. I suposse the main factory is economic. Despite the fact that public transport prices are growing, but According to American vehicle assosiation information it is 4 times cheaper than owning and travelling by car. Another plus is ecological. It reduces pollution as well as road congestion - the more people who travel by train, tram or bus, the fewer cars on the road. Fewer CO2 frowed into the air healthear planet. In spite of these all advantages not everybody uses public transport. 12-15 percent of participants of the survey asnwered that they use it sometimes or 3-4 times a week. However these results are still not ...view middle of the document...

However where are some suggestions to avoid traffic. People could chotose alternative routes. They might be longer dintance, but you would deffinately save some time. Moreover drivers could plan the journey. Choose to travel earliee. This could help to avoid traffic jams.So to sum up, public transport has a lot of advantages such as economical and ecological pluses, buto n the other hand it a bad sollution to avoid traffic jams. Despite I really sugest everybody to choose public tranport and save our planet and money.The advantages and disadvantages of going on holiday with friends your own age rather than with your familyNowadays many of us feel a little anxious and taking a holiday is a great chance to rest. Usually parents don't allow adolescents to travel apart from them, however teenagers always want to spend their holiday with friends. This type of travelling sometimes can have drawbacks, but the situation can also bring out the best in teenagers.Firstly, it's a perfect opportunity to improve your planning skills. Travellers have to plan everything from accommodation to food. This can be useful in your future life. Secondly, beeing seperated from adults is a chance to prove your independence and deal with difficult situations quickly as well as effectively occasionally. Thirdly, it is a great chance to learn how to budget wisely. Teenagers can't use their parent's money, so they have to find new ways how to save them.On the other hand, there are definitely some disadvantages too. Despite that my age friends can be 18 years old, but they can't rent a car. This makes the journey more difficult and usually in that case you can't feel the whole excitment of the voyage. Besides, my age adolescents can't feel absolutely safe without an adult around and teenagers can even get abducted. Thirdly, living with a group of friends can be a bonding experience and it can also bring out the worst in friends. This might change your friendship forever.By and large, I think that advantages of travelling with friends overweight the disadvantages and adolescents should travel with their parents. Despite the risk it is a huge part of growing up.

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