Right Side of History, Fedora 21 Looking Good, and KWayland

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 16, 2014

In a bit of a slow news day today we still found out that Fedora 21 is looking good. Jim Zemlin says "Linux is on the right side of history" and The Document Foundation says, "Thanks" for the all the cool dough. In other news, Jack Wallen tries to make sense of Ubuntu release cycles and how it effects older machines. And finally today, Martin Gräßlin introduces KWayland.

Fedora 21 is shaping up quite nicely according to Michael Larabel at Phoronix,com. It's still in development, but already it's getting positive reviews. Larabel says it's "shaping up to be the best Fedora release" ever. He's running the development version on a few machines and says they're all running "solid." He likes GNOME 3.14 and says if Fedora keeps this up it just might be replacing Ubuntu as his main system.

The Inquirer.net snagged an interview with The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin. They asked why some folks get "so positively evangelical" about Linux, to which Zemlin replied:

One of the things about Linux that's so interesting is that it's an opportunity to do things that fundamentally make people happy - the act of sharing, the act of creating, being a part of a community. It really sucks you in with an infectious enthusiasm that everyone who is touched by Linux catches."

It's an interesting interview covering several topic such as Linux on drones and the future of Linux in the cloud and network virtualization. The Inquirer then quotes Zemlin saying, "Linux is on the right side of history."

Jack Wallen says he's been receiving lots of emails asking him to explain the apparently confusing "Ubuntu release cycle and what it means to aging hardware." He says Ubuntu and others are talking of deprecating 32-bit support, but they're not close to that yet. He thinks even when they do, they'll have to come up with an "Extra Long Term Support" scheme or something. Folks probably won't need to start junking out those machines until somewhere around 2020 according to Wallen.

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