Schulz Leaves Mandriva, Wishes OM Well

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 15, 2014

Mandriva S.A. snagged the expertise of Charles-H. Schulz in May 2012 to help organize and basically sweep up after the restructuring of early 2012. Schulz, whose first job was with MandrakeSoft, left Mandriva S.A at the beginning of the year and wishes "success and good luck" to OpenMandriva.

Schulz who is probably best known for his work on and LibreOffice, says he is proud to have contributed to the restructuring of Mandriva and "with establishing its governance and some of its sound principles and processes." He continues by saying OpenMandriva isn't a duplication of efforts in consideration of Mageia (and ROSA) and that, basically, there is no such thing as too many distros. He said specifically that the numbers are a testament to the power of software freedom. The contrary would "prove a deep misunderstanding of how linux distributions work and how."

"The beginnings of the OpenMandriva project were rough," Schulz explained, but was able to "build an innovative technological base (different from Mageia) around a highly customized KDE and a unique packaging format that end up giving an innovative, general purpose and user-friendly linux distribution, supported by a friendly and warm community."