Annotated Bib Based On Language In America College English 101 Essay

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Professor Sitter
English 101-21
November 21, 2018
                 The English Language
Research Question:  How differently are non-English speakers valued in America compared to English speakers?
Perspective #1 :Examination of Pro-English/One Sided Perspective
According to this perspective, the English language is seen as the primary language for people living in America. Although some members on these camps don’t necessarily approve of the debate regarding English vs bilingual or non-English speakers, they elaborate on the concern made by people who are pro English. In the Us, many people feel they have entitlement over another purely based on their knowledge of one language. To address these issues, the camp gives different
Crawford, James. “A Nation Divided by One Language.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 8 March 2001.
Crawford explains the power of English is America. Many Americans believe that learning another language is useless, that English should be the main language spoken and learned. In order for immigrants to become successful or live comfortably, they must have common knowledge of English. Crawford, although his views differ the perspective, he in under, writes about the ways English speakers attack those who are bilingual or want to become bilingual. In the start of his article, Crawford gives the perspective of those who are pro-English and how there has been countless efforts to reduce the knowledge of other languages being taught or publicly spoken. He goes on to state, “Any use of children's mother tongue for instruction, the assumption goes, is a diversion from English acquisition. Thus assigning English learners to bilingual classrooms would seem to delay their education” (para 10). He later debunks the theory, in that those who are bilingual surpass those who aren't.
Gingrich, Newt and Michael Ciamarra. “Make English our Official Language.” Mobile- Press Register, American Enterprise Institute. 11 March, 2007.  
In Gingrich and Ciamarra’s view, the examine the need to promote both the language and culture of America. They have stated that “American civilization is the most successful in all of human history…” to contribute to their argument based around the lack of appreciation immigrants have in the US (para 14). It’s as if they want those who are entering the nation to diminish who they are and conform to the ways of America. A large amount of conforming steams from language. They also include the want to “replace bilingual education with intensive English instruction, to help new Americans assimilate to our culture…”(para 19). For the authors, the ways of America in language and culture should be preserved and protected as long as it can follow the guidelines of English speaker and American citizens.
Perspective #2: Examination of Pro-Diversity Perspective
According to this perspective, languages and culture, whether the same or different should be respected. Language is a way a of expressing who we are and...

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