Grade 10 Lab About Molecular And Ionic Grade 10 Science Lab

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Molecules or Ions Lab
Within this lab experiment, observations were made to successfully determine whether the substances ranging from A-D were either a molecular compound or ionic compound. Ionic compounds are formed between metal and non-metal atoms. On the other hand, molecular compounds are formed or made up of primarily non-metals atoms.
Substance A was white in colour and looked like grains or tiny little flakes of crushed up spices. It had no odour or smell and was easy to crush. The substance was brittle or soft and made a crunch sound when broken down. It wasn’t soluble as some of the substance didn’t dissolve. It also conducts electricity and melted rather slowly (didn’t fully melt). With this experiment and characteristics that were discovered, substance A is an ionic bond. Ionic compounds have higher melting points because a large amount of energy is needed to break the strong attractions between bonds. The boiling water was not enough to melt the substance which therefore concludes that the temperature of the boiling water was not high enough to fully melt it and therefore needs to be hotter. Secondly ionic compounds conduct electricity when dissolved in water and is therefore an electrolyte. When an conductivity tester was used on the mixture of water and the substance the light bulb fully lit up which indicates that it does indeed conduct electricity.
The next substance, substance B was declared as a molecular compound. This substance was gooey and almost seemed like a liquid. It had a yellowish colour and looked like snot. It had no odour or smell and was rather mushy and sticky. It was soluble in water too. However, it didn’t conduct electricity in an aqueous solution. This proves that it isn’t an electrolyte. This substance couldn’t conduct electricity because they don’t contain charged particles that can move freely. Both compounds have this characteristic in common. This mysterious substance dissolves rather quickly in boiling water. This showcases that this substance ha...


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