Army Profession: The Expertise And The Level Of Training Of The Army Officer Faccc Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay
The military expertise in the Army profession
1LT Michal Zaujec
FACCC 3-18 section 3
Common Core
Cpt. Balish
The Army profession has several important attributes. Even though all the attributes are essential for all Army professionals, not only the Captains, military expertise is the most important attribute because it is the basis of a true professional, because it makes the Captain a good example for others, and because it inspires trust between Soldiers and civilians.
First, when an Army Captain is well educated and developed in the military-technical and moral-ethical fields, he is considered a leader, a professional. The imperative to master all three dimensions of the profession of arms (physical, intellectual, and moral) is the basis of the physical, intellectual, and moral aspects of professional military education and leader development. Military leaders continuously cultivate expertise in their Service’s capabilities. Through study and practice, they seek to better understand how to integrate that knowledge into joint operations. They strive to be expert practitioners of the art and science of warfare. Military professionals personally commit to a career-long process of learning, teaching, evaluating, and adapting. They are constantly mastering changing security environments, technologies, and military techniques.1
Military expertise also gives the Captain the ability to show himself as an example for his unit. It affects both new incoming soldiers and soldiers who already are in the unit for a longer time. The more educated and trained the leader is, the better it is for him personally and for the professionals in his unit. It affects not only the unit members, but also soldiers in sister units as well as peers and superiors. A good leader’s example can encourage other people to perform the same way.
Third, military expertise enables us to develop trust with the citizens who believe in us and the civilians who exercise authority over us.
The military expertise goes hand to hand with the trust. Our environment can’t trust us
if we are not trained and professional enough. Army leaders require expertise to manage interactions between the A...


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