Artist Investigation Hayley Walsh Pmacs, Art Year 11 Essay

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Artist Investigation Task:
SUBJECT- The focal point of this entire painting is the big blue bird in the foreground of this painting. The message the artist was trying to convey to the viewers was that the bigger bird was “Watching and waiting” for someone/something else. It creates the idea or concept that the bird is lonely and is only accompanied by the few little birds in the forest. Hayley Welsh uses acrylic paints on top of found/used objects, for example the Painting used in this was previously just a painting of a forest and a river.
TECHINIQUES- The techniques used by welsh are very simplistic but create emphasis on the focal point of her work. Welsh uses soft strokes of acrylic paint when painting her piece on the found print, this contrasts with the more rugged paint in the backgrounds and parts of the foreground. She uses these quick soft brush strokes on the bird to create imagery that the bird has fur. She also uses darker colours to create shadow on the larger bird, this creates the effect of her art being three-dimensional
COMPOSITION- The artist composes this artwork using many elements and principles to create effects on the viewers. Some of them are as follows; Her colour scheme consists of mostly cool tones this contrasts with the warmer tones used in the found print in the background. Also the cool tones used on the bird in the foreground, suggests emotions like sadness and gives a negative aura/atmosphere to it. She uses Shape in free-form to express length and width especially when it comes to the bigger bird, which is the focal point of this painting. Most of the drawing is in direct proportion and creates the feeling of unity with older print which she has painted on. The use of space the in the foreground and background creates depth within the painting, with more positive space in the foreground to the more negative space in the background. The reflection of the bird in the water creates rhythm and movement in this painting too. Also the scale of the trees used on the old print guides the viewers’ attention towards the foreground, where the focal point of the image is. So as we can see overall, a principal used in this is piece is, variety. This allows the elements of design to hold the viewers’ attention and also to guide the viewers eye throughout the work of art.


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