APUSH Film Critique That Has To Deal With How It Connects To Modern History - US History - Essay

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John Sampayan
23 May 2017
What is the role of military and war in American life, both on the military and the
home fronts? To be honest, The role of the military in the United States is to not kill but,
serve and protect America. In the movie, “Saving Private Ryan”, Captain John Miller,
with the help of his men, try to find Private Ryan where his brothers have been killed
during the war. This movie shows a great example of what a war in american life is like.
In the movie “Forrest Gump”, Forrest is a very poorly witted individual who goes through
a lot of events in his life. Forrest tries to join the army and he goes to Vietnam to fight
the war, he meets President John F. Kennedy, or even being a star football player in his
college. The truth is that Forrest is a strong individual who inspires people that anything
can be possible in life. Both of these films represent a historical context that was put on
the big screen to remind or show what the American war was like and home fronts was
like. They give a lot of historical time lines.
In the movie, “Saving Private Ryan”, there was a war scene in Omaha beach.
Captain John Miller's soldiers were on a boat traveling to the shore of Omaha beach.
John Sampayan
23 May 2017
From there they experience gunshots and rockets being triggered at them while they
were trying to invade. One historical context of American society that influenced the
director to put in the movie is, D Day. The scene from the movie was very similar. D-day
occurred in June 6, 1944. Allied troops landed on the coastline of Normandy, France.
More than 10,000 soldiers were killed.
In the movie “Forrest Gump”, there was a scene where Forrest and his friend
bubba were in the jungle and they were attacked by vietnamese soldiers.Bubba then
died while lieutenant Dan was then rescued by Forrest while losing his legs. Dan said,
Don’t save me, I am destined to die”. This is a great example of what the war was like.
Soldiers gave their life to protect and serve the country. One historical context of
American society that influenced the director to put in on the ...

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