Should Australia Have A Large Population - Redlands - Assignment

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Should we have a Big or Little Australia
Geo Debate
1st - Emma
2nd - Annika
3rd - Xanthi
That Australia should have a big Population
Negative - That Australia should not have a big population
Points - Brainstorm
· Higher demands → schools, housing and food supplies (at the stores)
· House prices will rise
· The amount of people living on the streets will increase as the prices of housing rises
· The demand for schools will increase even more than already
· If more people migrate to australia then diseases could be spread
· Australia could become more involved in international problems
· More congestion → traffic congestion etc.
· Schools will get overcrowded
· Immigrants resulting in increased infrastructure
· Higher crime rate
· Less jobs available → harder to be employed
· More people + same amount of space = less personal space per person (in general)
· Stress on the environment → More greenhouse gases/pollution will be produced Stress on infrastructure
· More poverty
· Environmental issues
· Whether it will be beneficial for the country
· SOMETHING ABOUT immigrants
· Whether more space is good or bad
Emma’s Points:
· Environmental issues
· Immigrants resulting in increased infrastructure
· COUNTERMODEL → we would impose a tax on families with more than 3 children
· COUNTERMODEL → discourage immigrants (in annika’s speech)
· COUNTERMODEL → we would make sure that any immigrants coming into aus would not be permitted to live in the Capital City as it would become to populated
Annika’s Points:
· Higher demands → schools, housing and food supplies (at the stores)
· House prices will rise
Annika Speech
Australia has a population of approximately 24.7 MILLION people. If this number continues to grow, Australia will become overcrowded and there will not be enough viable space to build new dwellings to house everyone. Do we really want our country to become like other countries such as Hong Kong where it is just apartment block, after apartment block after apartment block? Houses with no character, no backyards and, as our first speaker has spoken to you about already, pollution and significant environmental issues.
Today i will be speaking to you about how:
1. There will be a greater demand for schools, hospitals, food supplies in shops and other services essential for the growth and development of the country.
      2. Housing prices will rise
1. If there are more people entering and staying permanently in our country, there will be an increasingly high demand for schools, hospitals and other services and infrastructure vital for a functioning society such as transport, sporting facilities, jails, housing and other government services that support  the community. Currently, a new light rail is being built. This is because there is already population growth causing overcrowding in the inner city suburbs of Sydney. How many times have you been stuck in traffic getting to or from school? If we continue...

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