Australian National Identity What Does It Mean To Be An Australian. The Characteristics Of An Australian That Came Out Of The 2002 Bali Bombings

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What does it mean to be an Australian?A major event in my lifetime was the Bali bombing where Australia was targeted in an act of terrorism. This event happened on October 12 2002, and at the time it was the first direct act of terrorism against Australians, we were targeted for the reason being that we had helped the United States of America in the pursuit of Osama bin laden in Iraq. This was exposed when an audio cassette was aired from Osama bin laden himself stating: "You will ...view middle of the document...

" This act of terrorism consisted of a single bomb being set off in a nightclub by a suicide bomber. Then when many people were out in the streets fleeing for their lives another bomb was set off in a car near by.The Bali bombings set in place many more terrorist cautions, as an attack on Australia was thought to be the next in their regime. This then affected many sporting events, museums were now under tighter security and there was a massive clamp down on any act or suspicion of terrorism. This act of terrorism directed at Australia did in fact not make me very proud, but I have recently spent two years in China. This has changed my opinion of Australia entirely and made me proud to be an Australian, the fact that we were pursuing a major terrorist and were targeted back for that effort. Makes me proud that we are trying to promote peace in a very unmerciful world, I’m sure that the compromise of those peoples lives in the Bali bombing, has therefore saved many other Australians and people of different nationalities in a significant way. The characteristic of a free man/woman and a promotion of peace has been set upon us as Australians. This intern makes me proud to be an Aussie and adds to the many gleaming characteristics of a typical Australian.REFERENCES.SOSE Australian History text book.


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1193 words - 5 pages back. I felt like a hollow shell of a plump self that I was before my parents passed.  But all of this was futile. This was the result of a child fending for themselves in this world. Nonetheless, what happened, happened, and there is no way to change fate or the past. * * * * The time has finally come for my promise to be fulfilled. After 13 memorable years filled with the good, bad, fun and change, it was my moment to shine. I received the


2104 words - 9 pages by Judith Wright. Thus the issue of Indigenous people in Australia is one of the fundamental issues of Australian Culture and Identity and this is shown through its continual references numerous times in multiple texts of different types. Furthermore it is clearly evident that the Australian people lay down a lot of value to the unique land where Australia lies through its continuity of referencing in a number of different texts of different media. There are fundamental values that Australians have and feel, and they are numerous, so our culture cannot truly be defined.

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1698 words - 7 pages should take into account the Aboriginal law and the white people law.The Australian Government needs to go out to the remote communities and inform the Aboriginal community what benefits they can claim through Centrelink.In the future we will probably see more dry Aboriginal communities. What this means is that in the communities, all alcohol will be banned, and if an aboriginal is seen drinking, they will be punished.ConclusionWhile social

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2809 words - 12 pages defined set or grouping of individuals, with characteristics that include; transgenerational, acquired by learning, shared amongst members, symbolic, patterned and adaptable.Initially it must be understood what has gone into the making of this global business culture. The first of five reasons attributed to broadening the horizons of globalisation, is the rapid technological advances in telecommunications, microprocessors and transportation. Also, the

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5129 words - 21 pages Free . It would also be unrealistic to just focus on the British colonies that developed from convict settlements to towns that attracted free settlers seeking a better life from what Britain and Europe actually offered. Perhaps the only idea that we can retain from these early times is the concept of seeking a better life and this is a common aspect of Australian identity that resonates with all who have come to Australia. Those who came during the Gold

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2067 words - 9 pages policy outlay will be the same and their interests will not be represented regardless of who is elected (Foster 1978). It’s safe to say that for a majority of Australians, our self-identity is tied up in such traditional values of our national heritage as patriotism, giving everyone a “fair go”, being a down to earth character, and “rooting for the underdog”. A parallel to the Australian tendency to support perceived underdogs is tall poppy syndrome

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942 words - 4 pages Pilbara, can be described as a vast ocean of red sand. Through the use of cinematic techniques, Stenders is able to show the loneliness of the Australian Pilbara. This is conveyed cleverly through intentional camera choices such as the long shot and panning shots, which focus on the empty red outback, including burnt and broken trees. From this, viewers can interpret that there is nothing out there to love, meaning the people of Dampier only have

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1195 words - 5 pages displaying jobs in manufacturing. The table below shows that in RECENT AUSTRALIAN TARIFF ASSISTANCE Estimates of protection by the productivity commission (which replaced the industry commission in 1996) indicate that there was a significant decline in measured assistance to the manufacturing and agricultural sectors between 1970-71 and 2015-16 as shown in figure 6.3. fro example, the estimated effective assistance for manufacturing was around 35

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2435 words - 10 pages drivers to their competitors that offer earnings that match that of Uber. Although effective at times, Kalanick’s leadership has created an organisational “culture of misbehaviour”. It is crucial for sustainable growth and global success of Uber to reconfigure their aggressive strategies and create set of organisational values that can be radiated throughout Uber’s management and its drivers. Organisational culture is the shared values and

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1063 words - 5 pages serpent, describes how the world came into existence, it is an example of how the Dreaming through Aboriginal spirituality is inextricably connected to the land. The land would be worthless to Aboriginal spirituality if the spiritual Dreaming aspect wasn’t there (Sam Taylor, Creative Spirits, 2017). Personal identity for today’s Aboriginals can be drawn from the Dreaming, the way to live life, how life came into being, and the guidelines of life

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2539 words - 11 pages the Bangalore Principles officially established that international law does not automatically assume domestic law unless integrated specifically into municipal legislation. So although Australia has accepted most of the major United Nations conventions, ratifying an excess of 900, Australia has no legal obligations to abide by them.However, though there is no coercive enforcement processes available to international law, it is in the interests

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699 words - 3 pages scarce.The fur on Kangaroos maintains an insulating layer of trapped air that slows down heat exchange with the environment. The thickness of the air layer can be increased in cold conditions by contracting muscles that lift the fur away from the skin.Adaptations to the cold include increased metabolic processes, shivering and sun basking. Metabolic processes generate heat and keep the body warm. Shivering increases muscle activity and produces

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1049 words - 5 pages Free terrain they were expected to fight on and this was influential in the in the defeat of the allied troops. The poor command and leadership of the army was evident with the lack of maps and the unsuccessful landing while it is also patent through the concerted but unsuccessful allied attempts to break through in the Australian attacks at the Nek. Poor planning and insufficient medical resources brought about a lack of provisions and engendered

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570 words - 3 pages CITE- English born Australian colonial artist, John Glover depicts the culture and idyllic lifestyle of Aboriginals to show Australian identity through his artwork “The River Nile, Van Diemen’s Land, from Mr Glover’s Farm”. Joann Ross is an Australian contemporary artist that portrays the unsullied Aboriginal land through animation in her artwork “The Claiming of Things” to express her ideas on Australian identity. EXAMPLE- Australian identity

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1010 words - 5 pages . Between May 1962, when the Menzies government decided it would send military instructors to Vietnam, and April 1965, when it announced that combat troops would be sent there too, very little opposition was expressed within Australia to its participation in the war. The only groups that were opposing this decision were the Communist Party of Australia and the established peace groups. Within three years, a massive increase of support for the