Communication In The Workplace; An Insider's View Of Target Managment

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I work at Target as a sales floor representative, and one thing that I have learned is the value of communication. Communication takes on many different forms when working in a retail store such as Target, But the basic principle stays the same, "which is that information is exchanged and understood by two or more people, usually with the intent to motivate or influence behavior". This is crucial for anyone in retail, but for me on the sales floor it is imperative that I recognize this concept, because of the direct link between customer and store that my job has. It is then my responsibility to gather as much information as possible from both customer and store to be an effect ...view middle of the document...

Another way for her to influence the employees is through an LOD (which is basically an assistant manager) to convey her thoughts or course of action, along with team Leeds of all the different departments. These team leads are not however really in line with vertical authority, but more as a staff authority. Because realistically there is only one person being paid to lead and that is the store manager. The rest of the employees are separated by very little pay differentials, which has kind of a demotivator effect on the store as a whole in the communication process.This kind of attitude can be affected positively or negatively through a manager's non verbal communication. These non verbal communications include actions, behavior, appearance, and attitude. Target's store manager does a good job in the areas of attitude and appearance, but lacks in the areas of action and behavior. An example of this would be, she does not respond well to employee needs as being part of a team, rather than little "clicks". She also does not display enough of the importance of her to be involved, or at least show involvement, to all aspects of the stores operations and tasks. These two areas are also greatly affected by her listening skills, while she appears to want to listen to everyone's needs, wants, and concerns, she has trouble interpreting meanings. I think this is due to the lack of understanding through involvement. I can understand this to some degree, but she should convey the problem so that solutions can be found.It is this finding solutions to communication problems that we can see the importance of knowing the formal lines of communication, and that these channels do not get stuck flowing in one direction, but all three directi...


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1415 words - 6 pages . Intercultural communication both abroad and in-house continues to be a problematic concern due to the increased cultural differences.The intent of this paper is to review a scenario in which intercultural communication is an issue. In the process, the situation will be evaluated and strategies will be provided as to how the issues could have been prevented. The United States Army is one of the largest military forces in the world. Intercultural

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939 words - 4 pages workplace, only benefits. George is the oldest and I am the youngest. Some of the benefits that are received from George are due to his wide span of knowledge. George is an ordained minister and has his PHD in engineering. George has created a medical company along with the property management one and he also has a farm. He brings so much to the office because of his age and long time gaining of different aspects of life. I am able to counteract

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606 words - 3 pages , restrictions on the times of day youth may work, and the jobs they may perform." The practice of a safety program in the workplace should enable the business to create systems of communication to carry out the steps to take when a disaster strikes. According to Mathis & Jackson (2003, p.489), "Well-designed and managed safety programs can pay dividends in reduced accident and the associated costs." Conclusion Today's business culture requires the human

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469 words - 2 pages school do not provide specific guidelines for the complex decisions that must be made in a moments time as a call taker for the Department. Years of experience in this particular field may be required to know what is acceptable and that's where my personal feelings come into play. Knowledge of workplace integrity will help me to recognize ethical issues and handle the decision process for resolving them. By noticing integrity and ethics issues at an early time in my career at the Department I will be able to better assist myself and my coworkers with conflicts of personal values and the operating procedures that guide our workplace.

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1632 words - 7 pages want to be injured while they are working? At any given time, you want to be able to check your surroundings to ensure you and other coworkers are safe. Never dismiss an opportunity to get more training on safety. While learning more, you will be able to identify possible safety issues that need to be addressed. Having the practice of security in the workplace can result in a harmful outcome. Understanding the correct, safe food handling, personal

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3751 words - 16 pages Free because men would be more interested and involved in relationship matters. By both sexes being socialized to talk about their emotions, communication between people would be more open and there would be less guessing games about what the other person is thinking because perhaps both people would fell more comfortable talking to each other. Communication would be better because there would be an understanding that people are people regardless of what

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789 words - 4 pages and opportunities; we are very productive. Therefore, respecting individual differences can increase productivity. Workplace diversity can also reduce litigation, increase marketing opportunities, recruiting, creativity and business image. In a time when flexibility and creativity are key to global competitiveness, diversity is critical to the success of an organization. In addition, consequences such as loss of time and profits should not be

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1490 words - 6 pages Ferdousi, 2009, p. 161). CONCLUSION The impacts of cultural diversity in the workplace can be both favorable and unfavorable. Some negative effects include dysfunctional conflicts, lost productivity, and difficulty to achieve harmony in group settings. Positive effects include a strong knowledge base created by a variety of cultural experiences, an in-house resource of cultural trainers and informers, and a greater tendency to expand the business in

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5666 words - 23 pages equality within their company and within their personal life. Even as simple as putting a color to the face of potential employee based on their name and refusing to view them by their credentials alone is something small that must be overcome. Understanding that racial prejudices exist within their hearts and minds and also in those of their employees can help HR management educate others within their workplace on the damage that derives from