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Chelsea LeaMrs. SchoendallerSenior PortfolioSeptember 10, 2014Behind the CurtainMy heart is hammering against my chest so hard it feels as if it is trying to escape. I'm certain that if anyone was to get really close and listen, they would be able to hear it pounding. Wiping my hands on the front of my shirt, I try to calm my nerves and take deep breaths. I'm petrified. The hurricane of butterflies that are swarming in my stomach quicken even more as the lights dim down. The once deafening sound of chatter quiets and is overcome by the screech of ropes and pulleys, and fabric as it is being swept to the side. Its pitch black but I can still make out the exit signs all around the room. I t ...view middle of the document...

Through the next year, I would be severely bullied and out casted by people I had once called my friends. Tired of sitting alone at lunch, I decided to eat in our school library where I became very close friends with the school librarian, Mrs. Greenwall, and with her help my eyes were open to the world of literature. Before that time I avoided excess reading unless it was absolutely necessary, but at that point, I clung to it like a life preserver. I read approximately 140 books that year and I haven't stopped since. I am such a dedicated reader some may classify it as an obsession. Through reading and schoolwork I survived the attacks that were aimed at me and eventually realized that the opinion of those girls did not define me. I decided to do something that I could be proud of and no one could take away from me. I joined dance classes.Dance became a passion in my life bigger than any other. I have learned the fundamentals of music and the art of dance. I made new friends in class and met some of the biggest role models of my life. Including my first dance teacher, Miss Tasia Cooper. She helped me in ways that can't even be explained, she brought a purpose to my life and helped heal a part of me that had been broken for a while. I was and am at my best when I dance, when I'm telling a story with my body and reaching the audience, I am exactly where I belong.That's what I thought anyway, until I got an email from the new dance studio owner Mr. Jesse Cooper, who was also Miss Tasia's brother. Would I be interested in assisting Miss Tasia and Mr. Jesse in the beginner dance classes? Me? An assistant teacher? I had never done anything like this before but it only took me a moment to reply. Yes, I would love to help teach classes! I was 15 years old at the time. My first part time job and I was doing something I loved.I would assist at the studio for three years, each year making a difference in my life, but none like the first. I connected with kid...


Castellated Evolution From The Twelfth Century To The Fifteenth Century "How Did Castellated Architecture Evolve From The 12th Century To The Fifteenth Century?"

1977 words - 8 pages the objective was to give a ring of protection for defenders outside the main structure. At Beaumaris Castle, the towers outside the main curtain wall are open backed. If the enemy forces were to break the first line of defense, this style of tower would not protect them from the forces behind the inner curtain-wall.Two castles from Edward's Welsh battle are exceptional. They are Conwy and Caernarvon, neither of which is a concentric castle. Conwy

Essay On Why Did The Cold War Start

682 words - 3 pages Free stand anymore. His speech was a great response to Russia’s actions of gathering satellite nations to defend itself from Western aggression. The speech’s most known quote which summarizes the whole speech was, “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe”. Unfortunately it could

Video Assignment 2: America's Best Years - Hallsville - Assignment

628 words - 3 pages Who came to Fulton, MO six months after the end of World War II? Winston Churchill. Why did he come? What did he say descended upon the continent? He came to sound an alarm: The countries of Eastern Europe had been trapped under Soviet domination. There was still a tyrant, Joseph Stalin, left in Europe. An “iron curtain” descended upon the continent. What happened to the jobs when the soldiers returned home? There were few jobs to offer. Was it

Hamlet Essay-The Cost of Wanting Honor and Certainty - English - Essay

1221 words - 5 pages uncle’s reaction and how he will respond. When the king in the play is killed Claudius stops the play and rushes out. Hamlet has a chance to follow Claudius and kill him but he does not. Since Hamlet did not take the chance to get revenge he starts to take action before taking the time to think about the consequence. While Hamlet was talking to his mother after the play he hears a noise behind the curtain. Hamlet made the decision to stab the person

Space In Contemporory Culture And Everydaylife

1516 words - 7 pages large public area for the occupants, used as the next alternative place for entertaining visitors and socializing, besides the living room. But the big dinning table with its eight matching chairs isn't there anymore.The large space that used to be occupied by a dinning table and chairs is now partitioned with a curtain-like wall creating a unique space for the proud occupant at the corner of the house. That once known dinning area is now a new room

Essay On Reality Vs. Appearance - Hamlet

978 words - 4 pages Claudius murdered her husband for the kingdom. She is also concerned of Hamlet's madness, but what he says does not affect here much at all. Even at her death she does not realize or see the truth of Claudius' betrayal. Gertrude denies the reality of the evil in Ellsinore, and hides behind the curtain of illusions.The most complicated character is Hamlet himself. The line between Hamlet's appearance and his reality is very fine, at times blurred

The Turning Essay on the survival of the human spirit - KUS - Essay

1180 words - 5 pages infatuation with the damaged, becomes a defender in many ways, such as a lawyer. However, he himself admits how useless in healing his spirit this was, in ‘Defender’, a story where he reflects on his past for possibly the first time in his life, urged on by his wife, ‘...he could still see himself, the boy behind the curtain, cradling death in his arms.’ I find this portrayal of Vic disturbing- as ‘cradling’ brings up connotations of nurturing a

The USSR's Actions Against The US Were Simply Reflexes, Not Direct Contributions To The Causation Of The Cold War

1245 words - 5 pages of American-Soviet diplomacy was triggered and initiated by the US alone, as seen through the Fulton Speech, Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan. As Stalin himself commented on Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech of February 1946, in the Russian newspaper Pravda, "Mr. Churchill has called for a war on the USSR." Evidence that Churchill himself had formerly agreed upon Stalin's claims for the eastern European is existent and President Truman's support

The Terrible Beauty of Brain Surgery Analysis - Dalhousie University - Essay

1165 words - 5 pages city, he reveals, “If there is one thing I have a weakness for, it is the Communist Era, especially the secretive culture behind the Iron Curtain”- “I don’t know why it appeals to me, because in actual fact I oppose everything it represents: the veneration of the collective, the industrialization of everyday life, the monumental aesthetics. I believe in blundering man and in the provisional moment. But something about the aura of the Soviet Age

Porphyria's Lover And My Last Duchess

2394 words - 10 pages jealous when people admire the painting. He decides to hide the portrait behind some curtains and he acts like he still owns her in the way that he would own an object. 'The depth of passion in that earnest glance, But to myself they turned (since none puts by The curtain I have drawn for you, but I)'The phrase "And seemed as they would ask me, if they durst, How such a glance came there" is very significant to the poem as it shows us that if

Romeo and Juliet Essay 1038 words - English - Essay

1038 words - 5 pages youth present times by suing the main meaning of rejecting authority. Movement is one the main elements which is uses throughout the play, it is used very effectively within this performance as all three actors uses all areas to the stage such as the upstage left and centre stage right which is commonly not used with most play the balcony scene as the both stand away from each other for which Juliet stand behind a black curtain upstage left and Romeo

Poetry Analysis on Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven - Savannah Technical College. Engl 1002 - Essay

1225 words - 5 pages Grimm 2 Christine Grimm Ms. Hunt English 1102 March 21, 2019 Sanity and Love No More Memories of lost loved ones usually are portrayed as something purely positive and a source of comfort, a way to keep them close and active in the memories of those left behind. Edgar Allan Poe does the opposite by portraying the memories as a burden that one cannot escape. The loss of a loved one can cause anyone to enter a deep depression. Edgar Allen Poe is

Recreating The Globe Theatres Essay

7036 words - 29 pages because it presupposes a frontal position for the audience and therefore inhibits thinking of the stage as the centre of a complete circle of spectators, is more problematic than most features of the Globe's stage. Its shape and its depth is unclear. The hangings fronting it were variously a traverse to be drawn back (Volpone) or a permanent arras to hide behind (Hamlet), representing either a decorative hanging on a flat wall or a curtain concealing

The Unbearable Lightness of Being - English - Reflective Statement

1619 words - 7 pages Karenina, my understanding of Russian culture at the time the novel was written was developed. Through the presentation of juxtaposing settings (St. Petersburg and the country estates), I came to understand the difference in opinion about industrialization in Russian, especially how it was viewed by traditionalists. I knew that Russia had always been behind in terms of modernization when compared to the rest of Europe. I learned that Russia, Europe

Charlotte's Web: Allegory Of The Barn

1457 words - 6 pages Charlotte's Web by E.B. White is a children's novel that tries to instill the values of friendship, loyalty and basic characteristics of humans through an adventure of farm animals. This novel was written in the early 1950's at the time when the world was split by a curtain in two. It is open and direct in topics dealing with traits of certain animals and their role in the society of the "barn", but one cannot disconcert the subtle praise this