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Bothersome Things In Life Essay

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People whining, people babbling, people smirking, people hating(isocolon) are just a few of the many things which bother me. It is not just people which bother me; white vans, hospitals, and golf are just a few other things that are bothersome to me. Hopefully it is crystal clear (alliteration) that many things bother me.To begin this wild rampage, in my eyes, President George W. Bush is the most bothersome of all. No credibility! No confidence! No honesty! (Anaphora) President Bush, the sly snake he is (metaphor), has undermined the people of America for too long now. It doesn't help to support him either because he is power hungry like a dictator of communism (simile). He believes that in ...view middle of the document...

Until this act is removed from the confinements of the United States will the citizen's be able to enjoy the freedoms they were once guaranteed.Another common misconception is the application process to various colleges or universities. The physical application process is not the stressful part, but waiting for the acceptance letter and the worries in the meantime are. For me, waiting for an acceptance letter has caused the worst of habits to become a part of me: Biting my nails until nothing is left, irritability on others due to my fatigue of waiting for the letter, and loss of appetite due to the nervous feelings weighing down my insides. Suppose the university has received all the components of the application and have reviewed it, is it truly necessary for the response to take as slow as a snail's pace? Be confrontational and frank, even if the application is denied; give the eager student the news which he or she deserves. This will not only bring joys of relief to receive the acceptance, but it will also lower the disappointment and feeling of failure as well that dawn on the student when receiving their first denial.With all the electrical and technological advances, it is no wonder why communication has been so accessible. With all the advancements of cell phones and cell towers, it has made it easier to contact people at any time. There is an important catch with this theory. The key point in this theory is the receiver of the call must pick up the call in order for these technological advancements to be of any use. With the received call feature, allowing a cell phone holder to view what calls were missed, it causes an inconvenience to the caller. Not only did the caller not get through to the receiver for whatever reason, the caller must also continue with their day, hoping to not miss the call back. Another problem with this is if the situation is an emergency. What is a person to do then? Because of various situations and the unknown...

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