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What Is Love? Essay

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What is love? Is it a complicated blend of brain chemistry that is created in such complex ways that people don't know how to control it, or is love simply put an emotion. Who really knows the answer? Whether it's a feeling created in your brain or an emotion that derives from the heart, it is a very powerful sensation to any human. Many people have the chance to love in their life time, but many people experience it in different ways. You can have love for so many different things sports, cars, books, but there is only one thing that a person can be in love with and that is ...view middle of the document...

People really find themselves when in love because they're okay with being themselves knowing that they're in a comfortable place of mind to be able to make a mistake and not face ridicule from their love partner. When love is good life seems perfect, but when it comes time to weather the storm life gets a little out of control. You can lose yourself in the world of love, and when something goes wrong you can't comprehend why. When love expires for some, they don't know what to do with life because the love they had was the only reason for living life. When love gets a hold on life its hard to let go especially when its not your decision to dismiss love from your body. Love isn't just something to play with it's kind of like your life inside of life. But don't get it wrong there are more positives to love than people think. Love is inspiring, it brings hope to many people in the time of need. That rush of warmth that over takes your body, your mind and your soul in such a way that nothing else in the world seems evident besides it, it is unparallel to any other feeling in the creation of the universe . With life comes love and with love comes living so whatever it is in life people decided to do, do it with love.

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