Business & Growth With Social Media Technology Essay

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Business Growth and Social Media
This week’s discussion was about business and social media. I thought this article was appropriate as it explains and justifies how using social media is pretty much make or break for businesses in today’s world. I found that this article really validates my view point posted on our discussion board. While I understand that there is a risk involved in social media, the benefits far surpass the risk involved in my opinion. According to a recent study the article points out that businesses saw a 76 % return on their social media investments. Based on this information I think it is impossible for a business to grow without the use of social media. The exposure and the amount of people you are able to reach easily with minimal cost speaks for itself in my book.
What I found beneficial about this article, is that it walks you through the process of social media baby stepping the process making it more manageable for those business that are new to it. First it indicated to start small and ease your way in. I agree that a business should maybe poll their customers or clientele and see what their go to place is for social media are. I think this can be different for varying types of businesses. For example, I think maybe a design company of some sort may benefit largely from using Pintrest. I think once a business is able to zone in on what social media outlet is most often used, they should focus on that outlet first until it is mastered. Once proficient, then I say move on to the next slowly expanding into other avenues of social media. I also agreed with the article in that businesses should tap into their millennial employees as their generation started with internet and social media. This generation never knew a world without internet or social media and they are often times subject matter experts. I believe this strongly a...


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830 words - 4 pages crime rate. Although social media has been brought into our daily lives for more than a decade, there are still a number of people who don’t work well with it especially the older folks. Elders, who lack of information technology knowledge, will easily be deceived by people with bad intention. Some social media sites are lack of privacy and people could get access to somebody’s personal information. Their personal information such as age, birthday