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Persuasive Letter
Vaccinations have been a controversial topic for a couple of years now, they have been questioned since their existence on whether they should be implemented at such a young age. According to national studies conducted by the American Pediatric Association about 90-99% of vaccinations are effective in preventing actual diseases, the other 1-10% causes allergic reactions, new medical conditions such as autism, down syndrome or in some cases even death. Although there is no actual correlation between vaccines causing autoimmune diseases parents are still very hesitant when it comes to vaccinating their children. Therefore, I am urging parents to understand and comprehend the actual meaning of vaccinations and how they can prevent future risks that a child may encounter opposed to the fact many parents believe they will cause them more physical and or physiological conditions.
Most parents out there don’t comprehend the fact that vaccinations are the foremost administration of antigenic materials that help physiological processes develop immunity to disease. Vaccinations come in many forms that include a live or weakened version of the virus. Vaccines are recommended to be administered within the first two months continuing until the first year of them becoming toddlers. In most cases vaccines are used to prevent disease and to help stop the future progression and or contamination of the disease. Vaccines are implemented to help prevent disease and it is better to have a prevention plan then to have to deal with it when it becomes an actual problem in the child; prevention is better than cure. Many studies performed by well known physicians have proved that most babies are immune to many diseases because they have antibodies that they receive from their mother while in the womb; however, this immunity is only present from the first month until the first year. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention if a child does not receive a vaccination early on and then has contact with the disease it may then be harder for them to fight the disease off because their body is receiving this as a new strain that has never been presented before.
There are many organizations out there that are trying their best to prevent immunizations, which in result has created an antivaccination movement where many parents have joined the bandwagon and have decided to stop the immunizations of their children. According to Kurt Link a vaccination is “counterintuitive. Vaccinations meddle with a core biological essential to life. I say meddles with because the immune system affects every organ and cell is vastly...

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