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There are some out there who, with reason, believe that natural processes are the main culprits of
climate change. They believe that atmospheric greenhouse gases, coming from fossil fuels and
other human activities, are too small to cause the following changes in the environment: rising
sea levels, droughts and the melting of ice. Even if they do believe that human activities are a
cause of climate change, they don’t believe that humans are the main reason. However, this is
contrary to my opinion. I believe that human activities not only induce climate change, but are
the primary reason as to why the Earth is warming up, melting ice, and causing rising sea levels.
The data and the majority of experts in climate change supports my claim. Significantly more
than half of climate researchers who are active in researching concur that human activities are
the main causes for global warming. Those who disagree and believe that humans have a more
insignificant impact are a minority. Many studies conducted have supported these facts.
Likewise, the majority of the US public believes that the actions of humans are the primary cause
of global warming. Canadians were also found to believe, in general, that climate change is real
and mainly caused by human and industrial activity.
That isn’t to say that those who believe that the causes of climate change are natural don’t have
reason. There are still quite an impressive number...


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