Paper On Water Cup Inversion Experiment - Grade 10 Science - Lab Report

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Paper on Water Cup Inversion Experiment
Submitted By: Theodore Xavier Pueda
Submitted to: Mr. Roach
Title: Paper on Water Cup Inversion Experiment
Testable Question: Does the volume of water affect the time for paper to drop from cup?
Hypothesis: As the volume of water increases, the time for the paper to fall off the cup stays the same.
Experimental Design: Different volumes of room temperature water will be poured 9 similar cups, starting with 10 mL and increasing by 10 mL each time. A piece of paper will be placed on top of the cup and the cup will be inverted.
Independent Variable: Volume of Water (mL)
Dependent Variable: Volume of cup (mL)
Rim diameter of cup (cm)
Temperature of water (celsius)
Density of paper (g/mL)
Thickness of paper (mm)
Ambient temperature (celsius)
Equipment: 88 mL great value brand bathroom cups (5.5 cm)
xerox brand paper, cut into 4.25” x 5.5”
peel region tap water (room temp: 21 degrees celsius)
10 ml graduated cylinder
phone stopwatch
400 ml beaker
Labelled Diagram:
1st: cup filled with water 2nd : paper on top of cup 3rd : inverted cup with paper at the bottom
1. Obtained a sample of tap water in the beaker.
2. Measure temperature of the tap water with the thermometer, around 23 degrees celsius.
3. Waited until water reached room temperature which was 21 degrees celsius.
4. Measured 10 mL of tap water using a graduated cylinder, then poured it into cup.
5. Placed one sheet of photography paper on the top of cup.
6. Placed one hand on top of paper and the other underneath the cup.
7. In one motion, inverted the cup and held the paper close to the rim of cup.
8. Hand was slowly removed while paper was held in place.
9. Timer was started as soon as hand was removed.
10. Timer was halted after the sheet of paper fell from the rim of cup.
11. Repeated experiment 3 more tim...

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