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This essay discusses organizational behavior control mechanisms of several organizations.Control MechanismsControl mechanisms are important to every organization. Without them, it would be difficult to determine whether or not the planning, organizing and leading functions of management are effective and productive for the company. Although some mechanisms are used widely throughout many organizations and companies, some mechanisms are tailored to fit a specific organization. Management must determine the most appropriate control mechanisms for their company.Breeden HomesBreeden Homes has developed a failsafe plan for controlling the functions of its management. We keep track of every process with different types of spreadsheets, reports, and statements which either prove the organization is working well or show where things need help so management can correct it quickly. Each operation, whether financial, physical, environmental, or mechanical is closely monitored with the different spreadsheets, statements, cost reports, and management analysis during staff meetings. Employee reactions to some of the control methods the organization chooses to use range from acceptance to feeling as though the organization is invading the employee's privacy. The use of random drug screens, for instance, often produces a groan in the throat of every employee because of the fact that, although some are not, most of our employees are drug free and feel that the organization should have enough trust in them to believe that they are not endangering others lives with their own drug use. The organization does try to calm these anxieties by explaining to ALL employees the necessity of making their work environment safe from others who may not be drug free.Coyote CantinaLong's Drug StoreLong's Drug Store has various control mechanisms to protect both the employee and the customer. One of the more important control mechanisms is the Estimated Day Supply (EDS). When a new prescription is typed, according to the doctor's instructions, it is given an EDS. This protects customers from getting refills too soon. Some drugs are controlled substances, and they can be very addictive. If a customer orders a refill too soon, the words "too soon" are flagged on the computer. This lets the employee know that the customer will not be able get the refill. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which was passed in 1996, helps the patient by protecting their personal information. Any paper information about the patient is thrown in a shredder bin, which eliminates the possibility of personal information getting to other customers or vendors. This is a way of protecting patient confidentiality. Each individual must sign a document stating they understand their rights.Another control mechanism is controlling the medication. There are automatic machines that help fill each prescription. When filling each cassette with it is appropriate medication, it is logged on a sticker with the lot number and expiration date. After six fills on each sticker, it is then filed in a binder for the pharmacy's records. There is a lot number on every bottle of medication. When a medication is recalled and pulled from the shelves, it is identified by the lot number.Tueffers, Guckian & Gamon, PLLCWithin Tueffers, Guckian & Gamon, PLLC (TG&G), there are various control mechanisms set in place to ensure the efficiency of the planning, organizing and leading functions of management. One of the most important mechanisms is the financial monitoring. Every month, reports are turned in to the managers for them to examine and determine the impact of the month's business on the firm's financial situation. These reports include a breakdown of income generated by each area of the business, whether tax, financial statements, or business valuations. Managers must determine if the set plans and organization of the firm's activities are productive and moving the company closer to its goals of success.A necessary control mechanism within TG&G involves time reports distributed to the different managers for their review. Managers must confirm that timetables are being adhered to and that projects are being completed and delivered to clients in a timely manner. These time reports not only identify amounts of costs and time used to complete these projects, but also help management establish budgets for the coming year.Overall, the use of these controls is understood and accepted by all employees. Each employee realizes the need for these mechanisms and strives to operate within the proper guidelines. There are times when employees' hours or costs are over budget, and management must delve into the reasons surrounding the circumstance. When an employee's performance is not at the highest level, it could prove to be an uncomfortable situation. However, when presented with the facts and documentation, employees of the firm are particularly receptive to methods of improvement.ConclusionThis summary demonstrates some of the different control mechanisms used by these companies. Control mechanisms are all very important, but may vary a bit from one company to the next. The management of these companies has determined what mechanisms work best for them to insure the company's productivity. Because of these control mechanisms, it is less difficult to identify problem areas and adjustments that need to be made.


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