Copy Of Persepolis Socratic Seminar - English - Essay

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Mr. Ferraina and Ms. Katagiri 
MYP Lang. & Lit., Grade 9 
Socratic Seminar Prompts 
May 2018 
Socratic Seminar Preparation 
Thinking about ​Persepolis 
Your Task: Jot down answers to the following prompts. Be sure to include page numbers and devices in your answers; doing 
so will help you in the seminar. 
1. How does Marji change over the course of her life? At what point -- if ever -- does Marji find herself? 
a. Over the course of her life, her chz is one of the main things that changed the most. At first, she was shown 
as determined, pure and innocent,. However, after her trip in Venice, she turned into more rebellious and 
became more troublesome , as she is shown through art that she smoked, became a punk etc. . Panels 1-8 on 
page 190 show her change in identity. However, I think Mariji has yet to find herself, and this entire book is 
based on Marji finding herself. Another example of Marji realizing that she wanted to change her identity 
was the splash panel on page 189, where she is shown through art that she is depressed and sees to be left 
2. What experiences and people have had the most influence on Marji’s transformation over the course of the memoir? 
What is Satrapi arguing about identity formation? 
a. Her experiences were mostly influenced by the people in Venice. Her life sees to be her struggling to find 
where she fits in, and that impacts her future and identity. In Venice, she became the worst she ever was, as 
she dealt drugs and smoked. This was because of the culture that she surrounded herself with. However, 
those experiences also benefited her tremendously, as she realized herself that she has changed a lot, and 
when she goes home you can see that she was regretting what she did.  
3. Which single panel in the graphic memoir is the most effective at conveying one of the memoir’s themes? Wh...

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