Research Paper On Why Police Officers Should Or Should Not Wear Body Cameras. Tennessee Tech University/Conflict Management And Negotiation Research Paper

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Police Body Worn Cameras
Conflict Management and Negotiation
April 29, 2016
Negotiation occurs when a limited resource needs to be shared, when parties want to create something that neither party can achieve alone, or to resolve a problem or dispute between parties (Lewicki, 2011). The principled negotiation process involves analysis of the situation, review of interests and perceptions, and development of options to find a solution that is mutually acceptable. Integrative negotiation allows the entities involved in principled negotiation to achieve the goals by creating value, expanding the pie, and allowing for a win-win mentality. The Harvard Project on Negotiation states that win-win strategies increase the opponent’s satisfaction while simultaneously achieving the desired outcome.
This report looks at the process of negotiation that a municipality can take when, deciding whether to implement body cameras which are a costly new initiative. Through interviews with a City Manager, Police Chief, and Police Officer along with a review of literature and research, information is compiled to allow an analysis and development of options to find a solution that is mutually acceptable to the entities.
Police Body Worn Cameras
City Manager
Denis “Pete” Peterson has been the City Manager in Johnson City, Tennessee for eleven years. Mr. Peterson has a dual B.S. degree in civil engineering and building construction with an M.S. in City Management. A former assistant City Manager in Johnson City, he began his career in the development office reviewing plans and zoning. During his tenure with Johnson City, he has seen dramatic growth and development along with relative cooperation among the departments within the city and the elected members of the city commission.
As a City Manager, he believes his role is to help the stakeholders move through the decision making process to gain consensus. The City has both a Strategic Plan and annual budget which serve as a benchmark and guidepost for projects and decisions. A good decision is one that at the end of the process results in improving the opportunities and lives of the citizens in Johnson City. For that to happen, it is important to stay focused on the end result, to allow for initial disagreement, and to be prepared for the unreasonable party.
Conflict is best resolved when all parties are allowed to be heard, when all sides give up equally through the negotiation process and then work together to develop the “sweet spot” of an issue. This sports metaphor illustrates the maximum or best response outcome for a given amount of effort which exemplifies integrative negotiation. Integrative negotiation allows entities involved in principled negotiation to achieve goals by creating value. The best decisions usually occur when there is initial disagreement as more perspectives are vetted through...

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