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Current Event Report Ii The Washington Post

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Current Event Report IIReligion and Philosophy HUM 400 003016The Washington PostObama Reverses Bush Policy on Stem Cell ResearchObama Reverses Bush Policy on Stem Cell ResearchThe article that I chose for my current event report is about the ban on federal funding being lifted for stem cell research. In 2001, formal President George Bush limited federal funding for embryonic stem cell research to 21 stem cell lines by placing a ban on it, he stated that "Extracting the stem cell destroys the embryo, and thus destroys its potential for life". On Monday, March 09, 2009, President Barack Obama lifted the eight year old ban on federal funding for ...view middle of the document...

" During President Obama campaign he promised to make scientific innovation a guiding principle of his administration and was very careful not to ignore social issues that are currently on the edge.President Obama supports the researchers in view of the fact that they can develop any type of cell in the body, but many social conservatives opposes of this. He admits that many thoughtful and decent people are conflicted about, or strongly oppose to this research. As a person of faith, he believes that we are called to care for each other and to work to ease human suffering.After reading the article, Obama Reverses Bush Policy on Stem Cell Research, I notice that embryonic stem cell research has been an issue for long time. It first started in the mid 1800s when scientists discovered that a number of cells can produce other cells. Then in 1994, formal President Clinton prohibited federal funding on the stem cell research which leads to Federal Laws to be put in place to ban the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from funding Human Embryo Research. After formal President Bush election, Stem Cell Research was one of his many focuses in the beginning of his presidency but on August 9, 2001, he reached a...

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