Decriptive Dialogue On Spoon And Fork - Drama Class - Dialogue

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A Script Dialogue: ‘Spoon vs Fork’
It was another busy day in the cafeteria at OLL. The cutlery is put out into a large plastic divided compartment with forks and spoons next to each other. Fork and Spoon are always challenged as to who will be used for their main dish of the day. On the menu today is stir fried rice with chicken. What will the students choose to eat with? A spoon or fork…..that is the ultimate question. A dialogue begins among spoon and fork as to who which utensil is best for this dish.
Spoon: Another busy day in the cafeteria eh, fork.
Fork: Yeah, people are constantly eating these days.
Spoon: Yeah, tell me about it, I know. Ok, what’s on the menu today?
Fork: Well, it looks like stir fried chicken with rice
Spoon: Well, that’s a ‘no brainer’, I guess I will be used today….Ha!!
Fork: Umm, not so fast spoon….. forks can be used for rice too.
Spoon: Yeah, but with spoons you can get a bigger mouth full and these guys all like to eat!
Fork: buuut…. With a fork you can scoop your food and fork it too…best of both worlds!
Spoon: Well, you know what I’m going to ask the chef.
Fork: Spoon, are you forgetting something.?
Spoon: No, what??
Fork: Umm, he can’t hear us?!
Spoon: Oh, that’s right….we’ll I’m still right.
Fork: Let’s think about this logically
Spoon: Huh?......what do you mean?
Fork: eating rice with chicken using a fork is more refined, you know…sophisticated!!
Spoon: Does it look like these kids are sophisticated? They’re a bunch of slobs!!
Fork: yeah, I’ll have to agree with you there
Spoon: they just want to get the stuff ‘down the trap’ so to speak
Fork: ha, ha!! Chuckles that’s not true!!
Spoon: BOOM, (spoon shoves fork off the shelf) I’ve had enough of your criticisms fork!!
Fork: hey, what was that for?
Spoon: oops….sorry I lost my cool there for a minute
Fork: Well, you want to battle this one out?
Spoon: Let’s go for it!! (stands tall and straight)
Fork: BOOM (knocks spoon ov...

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