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Section A – Question 2 A deductive argument is an argument whose statements are known to be true or deductively valid. It intends to give a case a conclusive logic. The conclusion of a deductive argument must come after the premise. If the premise is true, then the conclusion can’t be false. When a deductive argument is well made, has the right form, and the premises back the conclusion, then the argument can be what we call valid, as in, it has solid reasoning in a deductive manner. Just because arguments are valid, doesn’t mean the premises are true. It’s when you have both valid and true premises that your argument would be sound. And there are also inductive arguments. An inductive argument is arguments that the arguer intends to be strong enough that if the premises you present are true, then it would most likely be unlikely the conclusion would be a false one. In other words, inductive arguments only attempt to give arguers plausible support for their conclusions. Unlike deductive arguments, inductive arguments could only tell you if the premises are true, then the conclusions are presumably true. When the conclusion to an inductive argument is possibly true, it’s called a strong argument. When inductive arguments that are strong have premises which are true, it is, therefore, a cogent argument. Modus ponens is Latin for mode that affirms or mode that affirms by affirming. Modus ponens is a valid form of argument. P suggests Q and P are stated to be true; thus Q must be true. If in every case this method is followed, the arguments would always be valid. There is also modus tollens. Modus tollens is Latin for mode that denies or mode that denies by denying. Modus tollens is another valid form of argument. P implies Q and the contradictory of Q to the contradictory of P (if P, then Q - not P, not Q). For both modus ponens and modus tollens, once the validity has been wrapped up, and you notice the premises are true in our world, then it becomes sound. Bad reasonings that do not include the form being bad is called fallacies. One example of a fallacy would be the straw man fallacy. The straw man fallacy is a form of argument when someone substitutes a person’s position or argument with a distorted or misrepresented version. A good example would be if let’s say, Stan, were to ask if Tim believed in God. Then, Tim replies that he doesn’t believe in God or any gods for that matter. Then Stan replies, “So you think some accident created us? That we originate from monkeys?” Another fallacy would be ad hominem fallacy. In the ad hominem fallacy, when a person is making an argument about something, the other person attacks the person who is making said argument personally, instead of attacking the argument itself, making the attack irrelevant to the actual argument in question. For example, let’s say that Peter wants people to believe that there wasn’t a God or gods for that matter and that we originated from primates. Then Joe replies t...


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507 words - 3 pages , Metro mover that runs in only few areas in the city. Then, the population in Miami need to use and have their own car, and more cars result is higher traffic levels. Another argument against the high level of traffic in Miami is the rudest behavior of significative number of drivers in the city. In Miami almost everyone drives according to the rules of their native country and here we are from different countries, but all must follow the road

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3689 words - 15 pages What are the major approaches to normative ethics? Which approach do you consider the most coherent or reasonable? Why? Throughout the Western philosophical tradition, the question on how should one live can be approached in three different ways, namely, Matethics, Normative ethics and Applied normative ethics. However, this essay examines the major approaches to normative ethics – specifically, Utilitarianism, which emphasizes that one should

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688 words - 3 pages connected with friends. Another way in which I use technology daily is doing schoolwork. Sometimes, I use the Internetto look up or research a topic for a school project; other times, I only need a computer to type myhomework or essay. Occasionally, I may need to submit assignments online or email a professor forassistance. A jump drive is necessary if I need to save something and take it to work on later. I also usea printer to print various items such

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674 words - 3 pages Lessandra Martinez Bennett ENC 1102 T/Th 1:20-3:50 Word Count:660 Summary and Analysis Of “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” This story takes place on and around back country roads in the south. The family lives in Atlanta Georgia and are traveling their way to Florida in the summer. The main characters in the story are, the grandmother, Bailey, children’s mother, the baby, John Wesley, June Star, Red Sammy, the cat, Misfit, Hiram, and Bobby Lee. The

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3160 words - 13 pages evidence? Is this a good argument? Is it biased? Is it verifiable? What are the alternative explanations? It is used in fields such as science, where it is essential to use critical reasoning in experimentation and theory confirmation. Now, do all societies and cultures follow the laws of good research design, avoid argumentative fallacies, and present their research in a way as not to manipulate the public opinion? The short answer is no, and science

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905 words - 4 pages 1 Betsy Rodriguez Betsy Rodriguez Patrick Anderson ENC 1102 Tuesday-Thursday 12:40-1:55 December 2, 2018 Fight Club When we invented fight club my life just seemed too complete, and maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves,” said the unnamed protagonist. This specific line in the book really ties in with the theme of the novel, masculinity in modern society. Fight club appears as a reaction to this state of

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1692 words - 7 pages of humanity, both cover distinct aspects of morality of which Kant believes is the basis for all human ethics. Despite his theory’s prominence they of course, did not go unchallenged as other philosophers challenged the philosophical theories he put forward. One such challenge came from Christine Korsgaard who opposed Kant’s universal law formula with a logically clever scenario and argument which certainly makes you have second thoughts on

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1054 words - 5 pages significant threat from substitutes and complementarities because consumers can’t necessarily take the bus or train for every journey. This simply translates to substitutes like the train and the bus is of minimal impact as flying is somewhat of a natural phenomenon for consumers; you can’t exactly take the bus or train if you’re traveling from Miami to India for example. However, many people opt to take road trips and pack up their car, truck or minivan

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1908 words - 8 pages establish that one can have complete physical knowledge regarding another conscious entity, but still lack specific knowledge of what it feels like to have that experience of the entity. In the first part of my essay I will outline and explain Jackson Knowledge argument. Following on from this I will assess this argument by analysing the responses to this argument and assessing the ways in which Jacksons knowledge argument can be defended against its

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990 words - 4 pages Free debt you may incur by the time you graduate as a major argument against attending college. For most people, it takes them years to pay off their student loans. Since our world and the way we handle different situations continuously changes, our education system cannot keep up and many fear students will not be suitably prepared for the real world by the time they graduate. The degrees they earn will become obsolete. According to some people

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2713 words - 11 pages social workers needs to exist (Barker, R. 2003). Morality lies at the heart of humanity (Barker, R. 2003). It may be referred to as the most significant relevance that dictates how social work should be carried out. Kant, a well-known philosopher, bases his argument of morality as either being logic, of a physical nature or ethics. The logical aspect borders on mere thought which has no relation whatsoever to any object. The real and ethical

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914 words - 4 pages Third World farmers. Therefore, retailers with a good CSR reputation will be able to obtain trust from consumers that are interested in ethical concerns such as Fair Trade products and CSR. This is the ethical issue that G&B is facing, the essay will discuss ethical theories as well as the importance of CSR. With the rise of ethical concern and importance of CSR, businesses should be emphasizing their ethical guidelines for their products as more

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1028 words - 5 pages Brown 1 Brown 4 Brown 3 Christopher Brown #3 Professor Alsafar ENC 1101-11AM 2 October 2018 Is A Raisin In The Sun a Good Play/Movie? Why Raisin in the Sun is a good movie? Because it deals with everyday problems when it comes to skin color and race.It talks about them in a honest way that can be seem painful to some people. Also it shows that woman should be able to change anything about themselves and feel comfortable, and to not let a man