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Developing And Understanding Curricula Essay

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A Critical Analysis Of The Curriculum Issues Involved In Course Design Or Re-DesignINTRODUCTIONCurriculum is often seen as a body of knowledge, the content of education to which the students need to be exposed. But curriculum is much wider than a list of subjects to be studied; it is not only what you say but how you say it! (Rogers, 2002, p 206)Prior to any training or instruction I believe a detailed and structured syllabus is an essential part of any curriculum. The curriculum is a complex thing which contains all the planned events, both seen and hidden, that a learner will be subjected to. It should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it remains interesting, relevant and is in ...view middle of the document...

Unknown)Having identified these aspects then the programme can be written. Design and development within the military is very similar to that of the civilian education environment. The senior command course is designed to test a man predominantly in command and leadership, although there is a hidden curriculum which also tests his personal qualities throughout the course and these personal qualities are as follows:DiligenceMannerSense of ResponsibilityIntegritySupportivenessDeterminationEnthusiasmPhysical AbilityThe overriding difference between the military and the majority of civilian courses is civilian will not fail a course because they were lacking in the above qualities, having passed every other criteria on the course. As a civilian reading this you may think this is harsh, however as a soldier possibly depending on this man to save my life or that of others it is in my opinion a fair system. The senior command course has a set programme but I have identified that as each course comes through, a different set of problems are thrown up, which ultimately requires the course programme to be looked at. For example, on one particular field exercise the troops were not carrying out their house clearing drills to the required standard. This made us as instructors look at the possible causes for this. My underlying thoughts were that they were not prepared for this drill and we as teachers were at fault. On the subsequent course we made room in the curriculum for two periods of practical house clearing drills and this improved the students' knowledge and subsequent practice vastly. This is now programmed in as a permanent part of the curriculum. The point I am making is every group of students is different and as teachers we have a responsibility to identify problems and address them rather than ignore them. That is why a curriculum should never be set in stone and should remain 'live' and flexible to atone to the students' ever changing needs. It has to change to reflect the changes in society, equal opportunities, and the technological and multi-cultural aspects in today's ever-changing world. Van den Brande defined flexibility as:Enabling learners to learn when they want (frequency, timing, duration), how they want (modes of learning), and what they want (that is, learners can define what constitutes learning to them).(Collis, Vingerhoets et al. 1997 p.199-217)The word curriculum is Latin for racecourse or the race itself and it is applied in an educational sense to the course of study a pupil/student has to follow whilst attending an educational establishment. Having two teenage children who have just left school it is my belief that the present school curriculum reflects an education of exams and assessments without necessarily gaining a true understanding of the subject matter which will allow the transfer of skills. I feel this is the same in the military where a number of assessments are made and the students involved in the senior...

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