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During my career, I had the opportunity to work with two particularly dissimilar directors. Mike and Earl were senior managers of the International Transportation department. Both were with the company for many years before being relieved of their duties and responsibilities. Although Mike and Earl appear to be very similar with their high level positions and terminated tenure with the company, they differed dramatically in several areas.A good director should have the personality traits of a leader. Earl was an organized, straightforward boss. He analyzed the assignments that were delegated to each person. He made sure that each task was within the scope of responsibility for each employee. He held the employee responsible for completing (or not completing) their assigned tasks. Mike, on the contrary, had little, if any organization. His main concern was analyzing anything that would make him look good to upper management. Mike held the entire department responsible for performance (or lack of performance).Knowledge of international practices is critical to the role of director. Earl had 35 years of experience in Global Transportation. He worked with domestic trucking companies, United States port authorities, and foreign customs. Through frequent company funded, international travel, he was educated on the requirements of different countries. He knew the process of exporting down to the most microscopic detail. On the other hand, Mike worked for an airline company before joining our staff. He had several years of experience with domestic air transportation, but very little land or ocean logistical experience. Mike's company funded travel consisted mostly of improvement on his golf swing. The development of his golfing score was very important to him.Managers should be results-orientated rather than activities-oriented. Earl was a visionary. He was constantly perfecting "big-picture" strategies. He was very operational and had a hands-on attitude. He constantly watched for new, innovative tools which would help the department succeed. He focused on the need to achieve. Mike was creative, however he was constantly asking seeking advice for change which would result in improvement. He did not care about the tactical procedures and did not have an idea on what it took to get the job completed. He provided the tools to the department to cut through the "red tape". He achieved accomplishments.I worked for each director for two years. Earl polished my organizational skills, and increased my efficiency and accuracy in completing assignments. He was responsible for increasing my on-the-job knowledge. He taught me to look at the 'big picture', not just the pieces. Mike was responsible for the birth of my ulcer, my first gray hairs, and the death of my love affair of becoming a director. He taught me self-discipline. He taught me the art of management. I cherish the experience with both directors.


The progressive era Essay

668 words - 3 pages Spanish-American War, there was a new feeling ofconfidence in the nation=s future. Progressivism had many aims.The general aims of Progressivism were as follows: to extend political democracyby shifting control of government from the political bosses and powerful industrialists tothe people; to curb the power of big businessmen, in order to give greater economicopportunities to small business and labor; and to eliminate the social ills of society

Compare and Contrast Gender Roles - ENC 1101 - Essay

790 words - 4 pages Keith 3 Caitlin Keith Professor J. Barrett ENC 1101 30 October 2018 Gender Roles Modern gender roles have a controversial concept in today’s society. Today, gender roles are distinguished between men and women. Each gender is based on personal opinions and how every gender is put into society. Literature and gender roles have a relationship that can interpret how different times and people see gender roles in society. Gender roles can be seen in

National Culture Reflective Exercise - NJIT/HRM301 - Essay

732 words - 3 pages Free February 6, 2019 National Culture Reflective Exercise 1 Starting an overseas job can be exciting but also very daunting at the same time. Being assigned to work in a different country means that the usual environment that we are accustomed to, will most likely not surround us in this new workplace. This is why it is very important for me to learn accordingly and prepare myself as much as possible beforehand. Specifically, there are a few factors

Of Mice And Men Essay Which Discusses The Theme Of Loneliness In The Novel

798 words - 4 pages handicap is quite obvious, Lennie is mentally challenged and doesn't understand things even though he tries so hard. Take for example his puppy he doesn't understand his own strength so he accidentally kills the dog. "You ain't so little as mice. I didn't bounce you hard.", he talks to the puppy questioning it on why it died. He is worried George will be mad, Lennie lives to make George happy. Lennie knows that he is different from everyone he works

People Having Power Over Others - English - Essay

671 words - 3 pages Free Power People desire for the feeling of power so much that they achieve their desires of having powers in different ways such as having so much authority and control over other people, or having plenty of money to sit on, or placing themselves in an honorary position. Not all types of power are bad, some power could be used for good causes. Some power is in good hands such as good bosses, teachers, and leaders. Good leaders tend to be seen in

Analysis Of Fayol's 14 Principles

2536 words - 11 pages say in the actual working environment of the company..." All these lead to a deeper sense of satisfaction for the employees when their ideas and work contributions are being taken in during the process of achieving company's goals.With the existence of cross-functional teams, which consist of group of employees from different department, were brought together on a semi-permanent basis, work can still be carried out with the lessening of

Job Differentiation Motivates Differently - CCSU - 8 Page Research Paper

2258 words - 10 pages depth of jobs, the different management styles in the jobs, and how an employee may fit in the culture and system. Job range is the number of operations that a job occupant performs to complete a task, many jobs vary in range, say if you’re a janitor and a spill happens all you must do is mop the floor to complete the task. Compare that to say a military general and they have so many strategies and battles just to complete the task of ending the

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1161 words - 5 pages communication about the status and progress of change, including repeated opportunities for employees to hear directly from change leaders and decision-makers. Gender role in Merger & Acquisition: The second area of exploratory work regarding male versus female leadership is likely inspired by two factors: 1. biological sex proving an unlikely determinant of the different leadership styles 2. persistent beliefs that differences in male versus

Working As A Team

1285 words - 6 pages , employee motivations, and attitude to specific organizational actions and issues. But there are ways teams can be more such as flexible hours and schedules at work, less stress from home, less stress and arguments from management or bosses, plenty of rest, etc. If teams evaluate other team mates work to keep them on track and to keep them staying focused on the same common goal then there is no limit to how effective a team mightThe

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1026 words - 5 pages Assignment 3 Reflection on Chinese and French Parenting Reflection on Chinese Parenting: After reading both article published on Wall Street Journal which talk about Chinese and French Parenting style, first of all, I must say both the articles are very well written and very informative for different culture people who are interested and curious to know how parenting is done in different part of world or culture. When I lookback my childhood, I

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2649 words - 11 pages its western competitors.There is no question that in the US white-collar crime is prosecuted less often and sentences are more lenient when corporations and individuals commit white-collar crime (not to mention those who do actually get sentenced are placed in different prisons than the general populace, but that is a whole other matter). For example, in 2008 actor Wesley Snipes was convicted on three misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax

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1376 words - 6 pages store looking for items and you help guide them to what they need. They are filled with so much information, most of the time they will talk to you forever. Our bosses inform us that we have to be short with them because there are other customers, but most of the time we try to spend some time with them to make them feel good at Best Buy. So like the two waiters in the story there are employees that understand and take sometime to talk to them and

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1605 words - 7 pages meal or a place to stay for a night. In spite of his wandering he consistently displayed a strong work ethic. One of his bosses said this about him “I’ve given jobs to lots of hitchhikers over the years… Most of them weren’t much good, didn’t really want to work. It was a different story for Alex. He was a hardest worker I’ve ever seen. Didn’t matter what it was, he’d do it” (17-18). Chris would put all of his effort into every task. He would

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3026 words - 13 pages , teachers and bosses would not have to worry about the distractions that came along with the constant usage. Today cell phones, the Internet, and social networking are affecting education in both positive and negative ways. In the classroom, cellphones can enhance academic performance when used correctly and in agreement with the schools electronic device policy. An example of an electronic device policy can be found in a majority of student’s

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2531 words - 11 pages him. “Slim’s calm invitation to confidence.” “ "He's got a team" showing Slim is a leader. This quote shows us the different levels of authority amongst the itinerant workers. Slim's "authority" means that he gets to decide who deserves justice, and who deserves a little leniency. He's good at reading character, saying "I can tell a mean guy from a mile off", this too shows his influence on the rest of the ranch members. “You hadda, George. I