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Dream Journal Related To Psychology Essay

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When a situation becomes dangerous, the mind will figure out a way to make it safer. After the shooting in Platte Valley, many school officials are worried about how the students are handling this event. In "The Windsor Tribune", Chris Casey's article reviews just how chaotic all of these procedures can be. Every single one of the procedures can be a physical and mental strain on the all the school officials and students. The emotional strain was also another big worry that the weld county superintendent had.When a student has lived through that type of traumatic event, many things can be racing through their mind. Their behavior may change completely after this one event; they may feel as ...view middle of the document...

After I felt as if we had accomplished a lot for one night, I went to bed. I didn't think about the poem until the next night, where I tried to recall it, and came up with nothing. Strike two. As I was sitting in my room, trying to figure out a new way to remember the poem, I started chanting the poem. Not in a scary witch way, in a song, beat type of way. I had put music to the poem. After "singing" the poem to myself for a night, I went to sleep. The next night I recalled more than three-fourths of the poem. That really encouraged me. I continued to memorize the poem this way until I was able to recall my poem without using my note cards!My MoodsOver the course of two consecutive weeks, I kept a mood journal. It was simply a piece of paper where I would jot down my current mood on a particular day. During these two weeks a lot was going though my mind. Our Homecoming dance, and all the extra drama that brings, was just around the corner. According to my mood chart, the first couple of days I was very...

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