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What Advantages & Disadvantages Are There About Genetically Modified Food?

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We eat fruits and vegetables every single day. But what do we really know about them? Tomatoes as big as a bicycle, wheat resisting insects and strawberry withstanding freezing temperatures. Did you know that many companies around the world start altering food in order for it to taste better, increase nutrients and last longer? We are manipulating DNA's of animals and plants together to form unnatural living forms. This makes new, unpredictable health and environmental risks. Once a crop is genetically altered, this might have an effect on the next generation.Many debates have been done regarding whether GMF should be used for our daily food products. Although scientists have failed to show any negative affects within humans, when they experimented on rats, the results were that the ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, GMF's have shown some positive effect. GMF's have much potential in helping people who suffer from starvation around the world. However, countries such as Zambia who have a high percent of population suffering from starvation, have decided to cut off the imported foods of GMF's to Zambia with the UN, even though people are starving to death. Venezuela and Hungary have also cut off the trade of (or some countries even ban). GMF's affect a nation economically, as well as health in the population.Still, as a community we need to ask ourselves where are we leading our future? Some are already thinking of inserting drugs into foods! Making bananas that produce vaccines that withstand Hepatitis B! Plants that produce plastics with unique properties! On the other hand, production of genetically modified golden rice has helped to prevent blindness. It also contains 23 times more pro vitamin A which has helped many people in Africa. As a community we need to consider both positive and negative effects, economical and political impace as well as health factors. Should GMF continue in the future? Where are we going in the future?Bibliography:Center of Food Safety. "What is Genetically Modified Food?" [Online] Available, November 7, 2006.Human Genome Project Information. "What are GM Foods?" [Online] Available, September 6, 2006.Jama, Faduma. "GMF: Genetically Modified Food or Greatly Misguided Farmers?" [Online] Available, November 7, "New 'golden rice' carries more vitamin" [Online] Available, November 7, 2006.Wikipedia. "Genetically Modified Food" [Online] Available, November 7, 2006.

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