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Drugs And Alcohal, Swallow Your Dreams

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Drugs and Alcohol"¦Swallow your dreams Would you knowingly put a gun to your head, slowly pulling the trigger without trying to stop yourself? Affecting your family, friends and neighbors. Then why would you collapse to the peer pressure of abusing/using drugs and alcohol? Although it is your choice there are more negatives than positives to doing it.In life drugs or alcohol will sometime affect everyone. It can be you experimenting or using them, or a friend or someone else in your life. Your friend or yourself completely embarrassing themselves/yourself at a party to killing someone in an accident. Both of them will give you regrets and make you think life over. Make sure you know ...view middle of the document...

It can never be put back together without a lot of work.The second group, to me is called the artificial group. You see, in both groups you are trying to enjoy your life and living it to the fullest. Unfortunately, this is the group where people believe they need help in having fun, and fitting in. They may have been brought up in a bad neighborhood of town and may have been influenced by drugs. They have never been very spiritually tuned and don't know how they are affecting people around them. In this group there is a puzzle also, but this is not a happy puzzle. This puzzle may be missing one or two pieces that are needed to complete it, but they don't know how to find them. So they must turn to something that will make it all fit together. And unfortunately it is turning to drugs and alcohol. Even with a full puzzle, and with happiness and enjoyment of life it still is fake. The happiness is only because they are using something"¦and the same for the enjoyment.People through society have always been very forgiving and they can learn to accept lots of garbage. But when a person abuses and abuses, other people can not be held responsible for what they do. Being given a chance to get a job and clean up their act, starting over in life, a drug or alcohol abuser may go to the interview and be very wired (drunk or high). The person holding the interview will not take too kindly to this, and they will just throw out the person without even talking to them. This is not a good thing for the person, they had the...

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