Dubai Port Cities - Port Rashid And Jebel Ali Port - Global Trade Operation BUSM4687 - Research Paper

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Sehej Sekhon
Global Trade Operations
Assessment 1 - Port Cities: Dubai
Tutorial: Wednesday 9:30am
Word count: 2019
Executive Summary
The report will be discussing the Global Port City of Dubai, looking at Port Rashid and Jebel Ali
Port. Over the past 25 years, Dubai’s economy has grown extraordinarily by investing heavily in
port and allowed container quantities to grow. The first section of the report will cover the history
of the two main ports. I will explain how they have grown over the past few years to help the
economy of Dubai and set high standards for other ports around the world.
The second part of the report will examine the comparative and competitive advantages that
Dubai ports have, as well as the governmental and operational problems that the city deals with.
Lastly, I will give recommendations for UAE and how they will plan to continue their investment in
the maritime industry.
Executive Summary 2
Introduction 3
Historical Evolution 3
Dubai’s Development as a Result of the Increase in Trade 4
Comparative and Competitive Advantages 5
Operational Challenges 5
Business Strategies and Future Business Prospects 6
Conclusion and Analysis 6
References 7
The following documents is a detailed analysis of the characteristics, function, and roles of the
two main global ports located in United Arab Emirate, Dubai. Port Rashid and Jebel Ali Port.
Compared to other ports around the world, these ports are to be considered one of the largest in
the worlds as well as being the best Container Terminal Operators, which serves as a competitive
and comparative advantage.
When analysing shipping activities in Dubai, Port Rashid dominates all other ports having the
biggest shipping capacity throughout the whole of UAE. It is considered to be one of the most
efficient ports in UAE, as the Port Rashid is smaller than Jebel Ali Port, it is located at a strategic
position. West of Port Rashid lies Jebel Ali Port, the largest port in the middle east. Due to the
depth and the ports facilities it provides as one of the most busiest ports.
I will discuss how the ports have assisted with the growth and development of Dubai and how its
competitive and comparative advantages have enabled them level up in global port ranks.
Through the years these two ports have faced challenges (operational) but have developed new
business strategies to overcome them and lead them to a successful future.
Historical Evolution
Early in the 1970’s, the largest development in United Arab Emirates maritime history came about.
Revenues from oil allowed Port Rashid to be constructed, which would eventually lead to a huge
profitable industry Dubai (Cuthbert 2011). Dubai Creek as a result wasn’t needed to store and
handle cargoes anymore - due to the rapid increase in cargo quantities, which meant that it was a
viable option to move the cargoes to Port Rashid with the assistance of advance handling
The journal Dubai strategy-past present and fut...

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