Is Global Warming Happening Right Now, And Is It Causing Climate Shifts On The Earth? English 101 Research Paper

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16 DECEMBER, 2015.
Global Warming is Destroying Our Planet
Is global warming happening right now, and is it causing climate shifts on the Earth?
Scientists are still proving this theory by researching data throughout the world. Though
scientists are working hard to verify the theory, all the blame is on us, the consumers. Climate
shifts are becoming a problem, and people need to be aware of what consequences may be
ahead. People need to know, what can be done by this? Most individuals would not give this
topic a second thought, but with the research being done there may be a solution to help our
planet. Opposing viewpoints and arguments are debatable in this case because everyone has a
different opinion , but this is how I want to advise people to take caution for the revolutionary
weather season. I will be discussing the controversy of global warming, history patterns,
greenhouse gases, and the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases; in which, I will bring up a few
more sub-topics to inform the people on. I support the research being done on global warming
and the deep investigation on the effects it may have. 
Although there may be opposing issues that feed this topic to grow as a controversy,
people in the third world neglect the economy, and still expect to fund their yearly needs with no
delay. How do we support ourselves when it comes to our necessities and our people are not
willing to pay? Global warming is not going to stop, and even our country’s leader is trying to
resolve the issue about climate change. According to Patrick Jonsson, staff writer of Christian
Science Publishing, four in ten Americans now say they place little, or no trust in what scientists
proclaim about the environment. Disregarding the fact of being republican or democrat, even
President Obama has made his attempt to help cut emissions. He has made the "green economy"
a hallmark of the $787 billion stimulus package passed in February (Jonsson). Again, this topic
is being fed, and is growing bigger. The issue is becoming vital to not only the United States, but
other countries as well. Copenhagen promises to cut US emissions by 17 percent from 2005 level
levels by 2020; in which, we will rely heavily on the cap-and-trade bill that is still in the process
of being approved by the Senate (Jonson). This topic is controversial, but universal as well. 
No one is going to believe the same thing when it comes to controversial issues such as
global warming. People are very narrow-minded, and they side with what they supposedly know
is right, causing opposing viewpoints. Taxes should be raised in the United States to help our
environment, yet the people feel no need for raised taxes. They would rather complain when the
federal government runs out of funds to support us. In one of the researched books, Global
Warming, According to Haugen quoting Democrat Rep. John Dingell of Michigan, Chairman of
the House Energy...

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