Spring N Port Wine Conflict Between Characters Essay Second Year Essay

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A play in which a character experiences conflict with other characters is “spring and port wine” by Bill Naughton. It’s one of the many books about a suburban family with their conflicts and drama, the character that experiences this conflict is the father and head of the household ‘Rafe Crompton’. Rafe’s conflict starts when him and his daughter get into an argument.. This conflict is the starting point of change to Rafe’s character and it leads him to clash with other characters before relationships become closer at the end.
The author uses setting to explore the theme of conflict. Naughton sets the scene in a traditional 1960’s family setting where the head of the household, Rafe Crompton, rules the family using an authoritarian approach with a plethora of boundaries and sanctions ensuring that family members adhere to their responsibilities. This is effective as it explores the role of family conflict as the family are always under the same roof which leads to tension as they are always with the same people in a small space which will eventually lead to conflict. We are told that the house is a stereotypical household due to the stage directions. “Scullery” “Livingroom” and “Kitchen”. The Crompton family are an extremely normal 60s family, the mother stays at home as a house wife while the father goes out as the bread winner to earn the money. The children are meant to listen to their parents and will eventually be married to someone that their parents approve of. Due to this approach and way the family is, the house starts to fall apart when characters go out of line and don’t match up to thus criteria. This makes the family conflict that breaks out even easier to start.
Another technique that Naughton explores is the use of characterisation to change the outcome of the plot in the play. The play starts with everyone home talking about the so called scary Rafe Crompton, the father; they are terrified for when he comes in through the front door. When Rafe finally enters the house we find that he is strict, stern and leader that rules using religion. We know this because when Rafe walks into the living room after coming into the house and says:
“I don’t think we n...


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