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The aspect this education paper is referring to is the education of youth. The public school systems around the United States, especially in Florida are awful. The school systems for the most part just want more and more money and since the government doesn't give them what they want the school system just cuts back on whatever they think is expendable. Besides the money issue, schools ...view middle of the document...

One more thing is how a substitute teacher doesn't need any experience in the field they are subbing for and all one needs to be a substitute is a high school diploma, meaning these substitutes probably have no more knowledge then the high school kids they are teaching. I realize the people in charge of the educational system should have more knowledge then I am and be smarter then I am, but they might lack the common sense or not see what harm they are doing because they aren't children any more. If these people in charge of all these children and young adults futures would see what they are doing thru our eyes everyone would be better off. The whole curriculum needs a "face lift" to make it work more efficiently, even though it is not as bad as some make it seem. Ways to fix it could be have meetings with the parents but also during these meetings the parents should actually deicide not just sit and listen and try to complain and never get anywhere with the complaints they make. Education needs to be more in the hands of the parents and less in the hands of the school board.


Distance Education Paper

993 words - 4 pages One of the most exciting new trends in education is the use of distance learning. Many universities and corporations have ventured into it, and, in fact, some universities are devoted exclusively to providing an entire curriculum and degree through distance learning. Although the term "distance education" is of relative recent coinage, the concept of learning at a distance is not new at all. For example, correspondence course first appeared in

Multicultural Education Essay

440 words - 2 pages that collectively form their heritage (2006). By understanding what the term culture encompasses, one can endeavor to demonstrate sensitivity to people’s differences. Multicultural education is an important aspect in the education field. It is defined as an educational strategy where the cultural background of each student is valued, viewed positively, and used to develop effective instruction (Gargiulo, 2006). By utilizing this form of education

Essay On Aboriginal Education

327 words - 2 pages attention to their culture and specific needs for learning. Parents have said they have difficulty getting their children to attend school when it is such and uncomfortable environment, and there is also persistent sense of racism in dealing with the schools faculty and other students. These problems obviously run fairly deep throughout not only education systems, but societies views and stereotypes, dealing with and solving this major difficulty

Assignment On Indian Education

1208 words - 5 pages education, 2) Making the promotion of students' tribal language and culture a responsibility of the school, 3) Training more Native teachers, and 4) Strengthening tribal and Bureau of Indian Affairs colleges. Why don't they try and get a real job? Maybe then they wouldn't have to take from our government! Native American's have helped us out a lot. Some things they have accomplished we would be completely lost without them. For example, Indians

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2384 words - 10 pages MY PHILOSOPHY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Philosophy of Physical Education and Management Avniel Bridge Chicago State University The Philosophy of Physical Education and Management What is Physical Education and how can we educate others about it? I'm sure that my philosophy of physical education will always be

Paper On Investing In My Education

589 words - 3 pages Growing up in the multiple neighborhoods where I was raised, I was lucky to come home each day safely let alone with school on my mind. When I was younger, the influences around me didn't place much emphasis or high priority on education. When I would accomplish something I didn't receive the standard "way to go son" type reward that I probably should have received. Instead, I was left with the feeling that when I did well, it would just cause

The Evolution Of Education

1061 words - 5 pages Brenda RubinoProfessor SchmidtEnglish 122April 25, 2014Essay 3: Rough DraftCreating an Environment for GrowthThe elementary school public education system is in trouble and there are more ideas on how to change it than one person can digest. Most of the ideas are addressing the wrong question. Instead of focusing on what can be added or what can be changed, we need to look at what is missing. Children are inherently curious, creative, and

Computers In Education

1066 words - 5 pages Free Computers In EducationThere is quite a debate on whether or not computers have positively effected education. Some proponents of computers in school argue the fact that computers are vast in the supply of resources as well as the fact that computers dominate society and will continue to do so. Opponents of computers in education take the position of experiencing things actually and not just on a computer screen, a reality versus virtual reality

Value of Education

363 words - 2 pages A few days ago, as I was eating lunch with friends, I entered a heated debate about the worth of education. "I should not have to learn algebra and calculus because it will have no influence on my life," my opponent angrily shouted as I tried to defend the usefulness of mathematics. Three days later, I still mul l over the issue, trying to arrive at the origin of the disparity of views betw een my opponent and me. I treasure every bit of

what is the purpose of education - education degree - analysis

466 words - 2 pages The Purpose of Education In this essay I will analyze the purpose of education. There are some people in this world that have very little education at all and they are richer than people with numerous qualifications and years of study behind them. In this essay I will not conclude on the analysis, but will open up the discussion on the issue via my analysis. The people that have money without an education These people exist and are often rich

Segregation in the Education system - Sociology of education - Segregation

2342 words - 10 pages !1 Alexa Cascio Professor Prewitt Sociology of Education SY4700-001 Segregation in the Education System The education system has contributed to the segregation and inequalities students face. Segregation in schools were purposely put into place through regulations and policies enforced by local schools and the government. For example, when “Jim Crow Laws” were put into legislation. Jim Crow Laws began in the southern states of the

Early Childhood Education Competency 4 - Early Childhood Education - Short Essay

593 words - 3 pages Competency Four: To establish positive and productive relationships with families. “It takes an entire village to raise a single child.” This African phrase says so much for me as I constantly engage with every family to assist in the positive growth of their child. During my time in the Early Childhood Education program, I witness the importance of the family in the young child’s education and the early childhood curriculum. I encourage

Education In The Modern World

492 words - 2 pages Importance of Education in the Modern WorldEducation is an important tool that is applied in the contemporary world to succeed, as it mitigates the challenges which are faced in life. The knowledge gained through education enables individuals' potential to be optimally utilized owing to training of the human mind. This opens doors of opportunities enables individual to achieve better prospects in career growth. Education has played a paramount

Jane Eyre Education For Women

1398 words - 6 pages "Women feel just as men feel:they need exercise for their faculties and a field for their efforts as much as their brothers do." Examine the way that Jane Eyre makes the case for female education."During the Victorian period, women, and especially middle‐class women, were seen to naturally differ from men in every respect, and especially intellectually." Beate Wilhelm's The Role of Women in Victorian England Reflected in Jane Eyre (2005

My Early Years Of Education!!

704 words - 3 pages Free Well, everyone has to start an education some time, and some peoples experiences are a little harder and scarier than others. I am going to tell you the highlights of my first years of education and hope that you have a few good laughs and an opportunity to look back an compare your stories to mine.         First of all, we all have to start off somewhere, and where is a better place to start than with kindergarten. As we all know, the